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12 of Our Favorite TikTok Videos #ForYou

by Monica Makropoulos | 1 month ago

We didn’t think we needed another social app… until TikTok came around. Many users apprehensively downloaded it, but the majority of them now can’t get enough. At Pop Pays, we fall into the latter. We talk about it regularly, share original videos we’ve made and even created our own handle. We talk about our favorite TikTok trends and videos daily, so we wanted to fill you in on our current favorites.

Brands–take note. There are opportunities for you to be incorporated into each and every one of these videos. The best thing about TikTok is the ability to test and learn, so test and learn with Pop Pays!

12 of our Favorite TikTok Videos Right Now

1. Watching humans in quarantine by @jeremycohen

There’s no better way to sum it up, really. We can all admit we’ve taken up new, maybe strange, hobbies while living a socially-distanced lifestyle the last few months. This video brings humor to it, and we’re here for it.

2. Kid sport prodigy by @ESPN

This kid’s a future superstar, am I right? I mean, kid’s already a superstar. Someone contact Mia Hamm and let her know her mini me has arrived.

3. Original dance with cool features and effects by @freemanbut

It’s fun when we see creators take advantage of an app’s native features, and Kelli Freeman doesn’t disappoint. 

4. Blinding Lights, a classic, by @tommy_bracco

This one’s a true classic, a challenge we’ve seen everywhere. We find it particularly great when parents get involved and the Bracco boys really strut their stuff in this video!

5. Bored in the house by @bigfudge1234

“Bored in the house and we’re in the house bored.” – A short story written by all of us currently social distancing. We loved the ~cheesy~ element of this one. This trend has been around and we’ve enjoyed seeing it evolve!

6. Travel tips by @nathanleeallen

We’re loving these short, snackable travel tips that span local, national and even global content. 

7. Math! by @mathematicanese

One of the best things we love about TikTok is that anything and everything can be interesting, even math problems!

8. Music by @axandthehatchetmen

Music and sound are the backbone of creating viral content on TikTok, and any brand who falls within the realm of entertainment should consider this an opportunity to reach new audiences. We love that artists have used the platform to express their creativity and share original songs. Learn more about TikTok for the entertainment industry here. 

9. Throwbacks by @guiltyaesthetic

Facebook Memories and Timehop do a great job letting us relive our past. It never gets old. Cringworthy prom pics? Love ‘em. We love that we’re seeing throwback #vibes on TikTok too. 

10. Cats by @kass.dc

You can’t help but laugh when you see a clever cat video. TikTok has made the simplest videos entertaining right meow by allowing users to add sounds and text overlay that take them to the next level. 

11. Videography by @loganstrongarms

TikTok reminds us that creativity truly has no limit. We admire and love how videographers take their talents to TikTok and create native videos complete with text overlay to tell a story. 

12. How to’s by @visionofalex

Where’s the first place you go when you need a manual on how to set something up, how to edit a photo or how to put on eyeliner? YouTube, right?! YouTube’s an OG and we definitely believe it still serves a purpose for long-form content, but we love how users are turning to TikTok to create shortened versions of these how-to videos. We’re even discovering how-to videos on topics we never knew we needed. Brilliant hack on how to clean a garbage disposal? Yep. Noted. 

Want to learn more about activating on TikTok? Popular Pays has the fastest growing TikTok creator community, we’re adding about a 1,000 per month. What’s most exciting is the engagement we’re seeing from our community, it’s holding steady with an average engagement rate of 15% even as we’re growing! 

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