5 Ways to Find Instagram Influencers

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5 Ways to Find Instagram Influencers

by Tess Perese | 6 months ago

@vincelimphoto for Southwest Airlines

Tulum.  Tulum, Mexico.  Get on a plane right now and go.  Make sure you book a room at the Papaya Playa Project, and then go down to the bungalow bar and sit and wait.  Slowly they will emerge. One by one, often accompanied by a “photog” who captures their content. They’ll start climbing the furniture, hanging off the rattan tiki lamps, pursing their lips at the camera, and smizing.  You’ve found them. The elusive instagram influencers.

All jokes aside (we love our influencers!), while this tactic will work (you’ll undoubtedly cross paths with at least one influencer in an environment like this) there are much easier, digitized ways, to connect with this community.

Let’s focus on the top 5 ways to discover this sought after group.  Your own brand channels, brand affinity intel, online groups, Instagram itself, and software search platforms are key to kicking off your search.

Turning the Mirror on Yourself 

The lowest hanging fruit to discovering potential partners begins with your own brand channels.  Who is already adoring your brand that you can turn into an advocate? Evaluate your comments, and likes to understand who has already raised their hand and expressed interest in a potential partnership.

Brand Affinity Intel

Which brands do you admire?  It’s likely they are already working with partners for their own activations.  Take a second to hop on their channels and see what they have been up to. Maybe they are working with micro influencers who you hadn’t previously considered. This is a great way to source partners who you have seen perform for other brands in a way you would like them to perform for your brand.

Using Instagram to Find Instagram Influencers

This one seems like the obvious choice right?  It is, but you also need to know how to search effectively.  You can search in two ways.

Whichever strategy you select, next click into some of the influencer’s handles and get a feel for their aesthetic.  If you like what you see, send them a DM (direct message) and ask if they would be interested in working with your brand.  Once you’ve accomplished this, use the carrot method to find others in this category.

The carrot method:

First, click the drop down carrot next to the follow button.

Next, browse suggested accounts and click into them to go through the vetting process again.

Influencer Search Platforms 

These tech solutions drastically improve the influencer discovery experience for brands and agencies.  While they don’t harbor the entire instagram influencer community, they still boast numbers in the thousands and hundreds of thousands.  This is a sound trade off if you consider how long it takes to manually source influencers versus using tech to quickly filter, keyword search, and vet potential partners.

Online Communities to find instagram influencers 

A final strategy for finding Instagram influencers is to browse preformed online communities.  Facebook groups are a great place to start. Groups on facebook span every category and niche. Navigate into the groups landing page and start sifting through the endless options.

Whichever strategy you choose, even if it is flying to Tulum, you’ll be sure to find Instagram Influencers.  Let us know if you have any other tips or tricks for sourcing this community.


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