A Guide: How to Take Your Content Further

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A Guide: How to Take Your Content Further

by Kayla Mueller | 7 months ago

We all know that now more than ever there are some obstacles, as well as opportunities in the content game for brands.  Shoots cancelled? We gotcha covered. Production budgets decreasing? No worries. Popular Pays is now offering packages to develop high quality content to meet your creative needs in as little as 5 days. Yeah, you read that right.

Beyond just getting new content and fresh assets, it’s important to also be creative about what can be done with current assets. Regardless of your advertising budget, it’s crucial to understand how you can extend the life of your content beyond the original intention. Thinking unconventionally about how you can use your content and creator relationships to its maximum potential can truly drive meaningful results for your brand, oh, and it’s fun too.

While we recommend having a variety of content and diversifying content across channels, it’s important to take a step back and consider how you can leverage content across all of your team initiatives. When aligning on campaign direction, in developing your custom brief, your team can request that you have permission for content to be reused and modified for various initiatives. While many of these can be implemented after-the-fact, there are definitely benefits of having a plan for the content. For example, a billboard spec can be significantly different than a promoted Pin. The good news, the world is your oyster… especially with our talented content creator community.

Repurposing Opportunities:

 Organic Social Posts

While it may seem like a no-brainer, some brands definitely miss out here, only allowing influencer content to stand on it’s own, without incorporating content within their social content. Think outside of the box here too, as you can see how Gushers has repurposed our content and made a meme for their owned social channels.

Paid Social Media Ads

Use a smart paid social ad strategy to test not only content efficiencies but measure your impact while learning more about your audience.


We’re pin it to win it. As certified Pinterest Partners, we have a strong team of creators who can repurpose static and video assets into Pins that are sure to succeed, given that our creators have a strong understanding of what form of content works directly on Pinterest.


Display Ads

Add minor text to content to deliver brand messages. For example, display ads could be the perfect enhancement to your marketing strategy, possibly even leverage display ads for retargeting somebody who just visited your website or e-commerce page.

Sales Material

Every brand needs to sell something, whether it’s a product, service or even a concept. Whether you are leading an upcoming conference, working on collateral for your sales team, or heck even trying to grow your team, strong content can accelerate sales across the board and show the legitimacy of your brand. Leverage strong content to help you sell.

Mobile Ads

Transform existing content into mobile optimized videos to use across social media. Identify the right creator to concept and produce content optimized for Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat or Pinterest within approximately 7 days.

PR and Media Outreach

Whether you are an SMB or an enterprise brand, you likely need content for PR and Media Outreach. Content for reactive and proactive media can equip your team with the tools you need to succeed from a communications perspective.

Website Content

Feature your new content in a creative way across your website. Consider featuring strong product shots on your shopping page or partner with influencers to share authentic testimonials or product reviews. Check out how Method repurposed our content during an Amazon page takeover.

Event Promotions

Looking to drive registration? Drive attendees to a pop-up experience? Want to increase social conversations surrounding an event? Utilize strong content because odds are you need to catch attention.

Email Marketing

Repurpose strong content to elevate email marketing campaigns. Get smart about a consistent cadence in which you can promote evergreen as well as seasonal content or promotions using engaging content. Think beyond just social posts, just like our friends at Jimmy John’s did.

All in all, we wanted to remind you that content can extend farther than you might even imagine. Seems a little overwhelming, right? Don’t worry, that’s why we are here. We are on a mission to not only create content worth sharing, but help you find the right ways to strategically share impactful, engaging and fun content.


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