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The Big Story on Stories

by Aana Leech | 2 years ago

Of the many kinds of content produced by creators on our platform, Stories have become increasingly important to a successful social media marketing campaign. We’ve seen how our network of creators have embraced the medium, and what they can do with a few taps of a Story. We thought it was high time to share their knowledge, and ours, with the wider world. The following is a sampling of what we know about Stories (mostly on Instagram and Snapchat), so far. Our apologies that there isn’t a tap-through version of this piece (yet).

The Rise of Stories

Introduced by Snapchat in 2013, the Story format is taking over the social media
content space. What are Stories? There’s a surface-level answer, of course: Stories are simply short vertical video and photo posts that disappear after a 24 hour period. A wider view shows us that Stories are animations, games, how-to’s, vlogs, comedy sketches, restaurant reviews, unboxing videos, short films, and so much more.

Creators are changing the face of content consumption as they embrace the Story format. While traditional content timelines invite passive viewing, Stories elicit active engagement (tapping forward or back, pausing to read, or responding with a message).

At Facebook’s recent investor call Mark Zuckerburg said that in 2018, Stories are poised to overtake traditional feed posts on Facebook & Instagram. Increasingly, Story content is how people are sharing and engaging, across social networks.

Why Stories?

You know what Stories are, but why should you care as a marketer?

How we speak about Stories

A few helpful terms, to make sure we’re all on the same tap.

What about Swipe-Up Links?

A swipe-up link is a link attached to Story post that viewers can swipe up on their screen to visit. It’s useful for educating consumers about new products, or providing them with a shoppable link to buy the product featured in a Story. On Instagram, the ability to add a link to a Story post is available to most business profile accounts with 10,000+ followers. On Snapchat, anyone can add a link to a Story post. Swipe-up links are the only way on Instagram and Snapchat to connect content and CTA, organically. Taps added to an Instagram Story Highlight will preserve the link attached to them.

How do you Highlight?

If you’ve been wary about working Stories into your marketing strategy because they disappear after 24 hours, consider using Highlights on Instagram. Any Story tap from a creator’s Archive can be added to a Highlight, to live at the top of a creator’s profile for as long as they want. Highlights can be edited: added to or taps deleted at any time.

What stats can I get from Stories?

On Instagram, Stories from the last 14 days can provide stats like link clicks, sticker clicks, views. Stories older than 14 days in the archive can just show views. Snapchat has just begun rolling out analytics for creators, but as of now just shows creators their views in the aggregate and not for individual posts after that day’s Story expires.

What Stories are not

Want to know more about Stories?

We’ve got more. We also have a team experienced in completing successful Story campaigns ready to help you with yours; whether you’re a timid tapper or seasoned swipe-up-er. Connect with a Client Partner to find out how. 



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