3 Ways to Use Creatives

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3 Ways to Use Creatives

by Tess Perese | 2 months ago

@teber for Fabuloso

2020 has been a year of…(you fill in your blank.) The first word that comes to mind for us is change. It’s cliche but as they say, “change is the only constant.” To this end, a big thing that has become clear is that the way in which we talk to consumers has changed and will only continue to change.

Technology has allowed us to access new ways of working in many different ways. Be it remote work, or tapping into creatives for advertising needs. As you know, the latter is where we play. Creatives are the backbone of our business and will only continue to rise to the forefront as time marches on. We truly believe that the next decade will be powered by the creator and we are very excited to keep building tech to help facilitate these relationships.

We wanted to take some time here to illustrate just a few of our creative communities capabilities (alliteration much?) to demonstrate to you the crazy wide range of their abilities and help you understand the ways in which you can partner with them!

TV Commercials

Who would have thought you could use creators to produce a spot for TV? Well you can. Interesting enough this way of production might actually benefit your brand most as creators are often native to social first. Work with them to develop social content and stitch it together for TV and see how it performs! Social content tends to be more engaging and catchy than traditional TV spots so it’s an interesting way to test a different form of creativity.

Frito-Lay recently worked with us to produce their first TV spot fully remotely. Partnering with 25 creatives, Frito-Lay received 118 assets to produce their commercial in under 6 weeks. They received above average attention index results and were extremely pleased with the experience.

See the finished product below!


We are in the age of content. This means that brands are churning out content at a much more exorbitant rate than ever before. This also means that brands can get creative with how they reuse their assets → enter editing. If you have existing images from this or that and are wondering how you might be able to jigger them into a fresh feel to reuse, think creators. Our community is super skilled when it comes to repurposing existing assets into newly edited content.

Take Airweave for example. This brand wanted to extend the life of their asseets by turning them into mobile optimized assets for Facebook and Instagram. Using Pop Pays the brand created text overlay assets to boost across their desired social networks.


The DIY giant of them all couldn’t be more popular right now in a time when people are looking for things to do at home they’re turning to long ago buried hobbies or interests. Yet how do you make content that is compelling for this channel and catches a users attention? Again, turn to our creative community. Pinterest pro’s know how this platform works and can quickly and easily transform your brand’s idea into a concept that is native to Pinterest.

Last year, for Valentine’s day, Tim Hortons came to us in need of content for a Valentine’s Day initiative. Working with one of our Pinterest pro’s the brand developed 41 assets and received super cute Pins to use across their brand channels.


While these are only a few of the capabilities our creative community can do for you, it gives you an idea of just how powerful this way of working can be. Creatives are quick, cost effective, and easily scalable when you work with more than one. When you use software that is when you truly unlock their potential to keep up with the way we are talking to consumers today.


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