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$5.5m to change the way you create content

by Aana Leech | 4 years ago

Hello from Pop Pays!

You might’ve seen the news: we raised a $5.5m Series B round. We wanted to share with you directly what this means for you and your relationship with Pop Pays.

We’re thinking software

The beauty of software is that it can bring flexibility and efficiency to processes– even creative ones. Software can enable better creativity by letting you focus on the important things. It can let you be more ambitious with your content goals since you can do more, do it faster, and do it at a cost that works. The new advertising landscape is evolving, and with the raise, we’re committed to investing in our product, engineering, and design teams to help usher it in.

We’re going to be more customer centric

To build great software tools for you, we need to deeply understand your experience. We’re recommitting to this idea and prioritizing more time for talks with our customers. Our goal is to understand more concretely what we can build that will truly make a difference for you and your day-to-day challenges.

It means you’ve picked us, so thank you!

Closing on this funding also means that you, our customers, have been choosing Pop Pays as your go-to solution and your creative platform of record. Our whole team is incredibly grateful for that.

What’s not changing: Our values.

We believe our journey isn’t done and the real value is in the journey itself. We want to live up to our motto of Creating Something Worth Sharing. We recognize the people in our community are the most important part of that, and conversations – especially hard ones – are how we’ll get to where we want to go. So we’d like to hear from you!

If we haven’t worked with you in a while, let’s reconnect so we can show you what’s new with us (there’s a lot!!) and hear what’s new with you. If you’ve been on the platform recently, we’d love to hear how we can be better. Shoot us an email and let’s start the conversation.

Much Love,
Corbett Drummey
CEO || Popular Pays

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