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Our Commitment: Celebrating & Championing Diversity

by Aana Leech | 2 years ago

A Sustainable and Accountable Commitment from Pop Pays


Last week was difficult. It asked for some of us to listen and for others to share. It required all of us to stand together against the unjust murder of George Floyd and the continued marginalization, repression, and violence against black people. 

We took last week to reflect as an organization, meet together, and discuss how we can be more active in dismantling the biases in our current system to build one that sees, celebrates, and champions black and brown people in our community. What many feared would be a painful and uncomfortable conversation, proved to be a cathartic and energizing session with our peers. We know that change won’t come everywhere overnight, but we have the responsibility to make a sustainable and accountable commitment to the spaces where we have influence. 

Our entire organization has a stake in this effort, and as such, were involved in the development and action planning process. Coming out of our conversation, Popular Pays has made a commitment to evaluate and revise our practices in six key areas of our business:

1. Hiring Practices & Internship Programs 

2. Community Involvement & Engagement 

3. Creator Representation & Engagement 

4. Pop Pays Brand & Operations 

5. Customer Engagement 

6. Pop Pays People & Culture 

Our first session together identified where we want to begin this work. We don’t have all of the answers nor will we get it right on the first go. You can track our commitments and progress as we proceed on this journey on our blog. Help to hold us accountable. 

Much Love, 

Pop Pays



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