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Creating Stories Content Just Got Easier.

by Aana Leech | 4 years ago

Social media is visual, and content formats are becoming increasingly more dynamic and interactive, like the Instagram Stories format. Facebook has predicted that “the Stories format is on a path to surpass feed as the primary way people share things with their friends sometime next year.” That’s no surprise when you look at the incredible usage of Stories across social networks. As of November 2017 Instagram Stories had 300M users and in May 2018 Facebook Stories had 150M daily active users & Snapchat had 191M. Together, that’s over 600M users that are engaging with this dynamic storytelling format.

To ensure our workflow tools continue to make it easy for brands and creators to produce content worth sharing, we had to figure out how to adapt our processes to account for this new format. We turned to our customers and creators to better understand the challenges of creating, providing feedback on, and approving story-type content. Different than other content, Story content takes users through multiple taps with a mix of photos, videos and text treatments. This added complexity within a single deliverable was not something that existed in our system, until today.

We are so excited to announce the latest workflow feature on the Pop Pays platform — Mixed Media. This new feature makes it easy to partner with creators to produce high quality, engaging, mixed media content.

The Importance of Flexibility  

With this project, we knew that introducing flexibility into our system was key. The story multi-tap format is top of mind today, but what formats will come next? The “How” of storytelling today could easily change with the advent & rapid adoption of a new format type- hour long vertical video for example. Adding flexibility into our platform makes it possible to easily produce creative that allows creators to develop and tell compelling and dynamic branded Stories using a new formats like Stories. Our goal was to plan for the future, while giving brands and creators the tools to successfully collaborate to create content for the formats we know are prevalent today.

As the demand increases for brands & agencies to create content across multiple platforms & formats, the use of software to enable and manage the content creation process is continuing to rise. With the announcement of Mixed Media, the Pop Pays platform continues to be a leader in providing brands and agencies with workflow tools to manage the content creation process, regardless of format.



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