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by Aana Leech | 5 years ago

The brief.

It’s the most important part of the creative process, and let’s be honest, the most loathsome. Regardless of how much we don’t like writing briefs, having a thorough well-thought-out brief is the key to making your Pop Pays’ project a success. We’re introducing new tech into our briefing process to make your brief smarter. Plus we’re providing you with 4 tips and tricks to ensure your brief yields the results you’re looking for.


The brief is the first step in feeding our recommendation engine, CreatorID™. CreatorID™  automatically surfaces the most qualified candidates based on your campaign needs, making creator discovery faster and smarter.

4 tips and tricks to your brief

Our client success team pulled together their top 4 tips and tricks to ensuring that your brief is clear, but leaves enough room for the creator to work their magic.

  1. Describe your brand

    On average our creators see 30 live campaigns at any one time. Some brands they’re familiar with, and others may need more of an introduction. Provide creators with a sentence or two right off the bat on your brand’s purpose and values. Then outline the specific goals and focus of your campaign.   

  2. Content context

    Once you “mark content approved” in your campaign dashboard, you’ll have at least a 12 month license to reuse and repurpose content across digital and social. The additional life of a piece of content beyond a single post is valuable. When completing the Content Guidelines section, think about where you plan to use the content and how it should look to fit in those places. If your owned channels’ are  light and bright, the content should also reflect that.

  3. Link to important references

    Last year we introduced the ability to include links in your brief. Linking to reference material is a great way to keep your brief digestible, while also providing auxiliary material that can give broader view of your creative vision. We’ve seen brands include mood boards or more formal brand style-guides to provide additional context for creators.

  4. Tap into the now with #s

    Hashtags are a great way to tap into ongoing conversations on social and involve communities outside of your Pop Pays’ partnerships. Settle on the most impactful hashtags to include in the Caption Guidelines section of your brief to provide some added visibility. If posts are going live surrounding an event, consider using event-specific hashtags in conjunction with your campaign hashtag.


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