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An Introduction to Reels for Creators

by Meaghan Carroll | 2 months ago


If you’ve been dancing along with TikTok, you’re ready for Reels. Reels is Instagram’s way to record and edit 15 second short form videos to share with your followers and beyond with the explore page. We’re here to break down the basics of creating your Reel, where to share it, and some best practices for Instagram’s most creative new feature. 


The Basics: Creating your Reel

To create a Reel, head to your Instagram Camera where you find your Live and Story options. When you swipe to the Reels page, you can get started recording, editing, and creating your Reel.

Tools to know: 

When your video is ready to go, simply tap the Next arrow to add the classic Instagram editing options you’ve seen in your Story posts including GIFs, time stamp, Emojis, text overlay and the marker tool. 

Where to Share


The Reels feature was designed with the intent to entertain and inspire, so keep that in mind when creating your video content. Get creative and use your video to share tips and tricks, before and afters, how to’s, dances, fashion, challenges, funny videos, whatever you’ve got – just make sure it’s true to you. Keep it light, relatable, and fun!


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