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What you Need to Know about The Instagram Algorithm Update

by Kayla Mueller | 3 years ago

@gregbirman for @Sandisk

Worth sharing. It’s our mantra and the core of what we do. We think this is a conversation worth sharing. In the last few months, our team has recognized a shift in performance across organic Instagram content and brands, agencies and creators are all talking about it.

What we are Seeing:

Across various industries, we are recognizing a trending shift and decrease in content exposure, (aka reach, impressions and engagement) as a result of the Instagram algorithm update. Some of our brands are recognizing that a very small amount of a creator’s audience is actually seeing the creator’s content. (Everybody take a deep breath, it’s going to be okay…). Although brands and creators haven’t shifted their copy, content or hashtag strategies, they are recognizing that performance is shifting and the Instagram algorithm update sure is messing with their jam (reminder: with change, comes opportunity).

There’s various theories and rumors about what this Instagram algorithm change means for brands and how you can defeat the algorithm. Most notably, various graphics have surfaced around on social media declaring that organic feed post content on Instagram exposure is directly related to (in this order) post saves, sending a post in a DM, commenting and liking. I know what you are thinking… seriously?! We have heard that experts are recommending that to compete with the algo, brands and creators should post 3-4 reels, 1 in feed post, 1 in feed video, IG TV, go live and do stories….oh, and that’s just for one week.

What this Means For You:

@blackprints for @OnePlus

What we Recommend:

I was recently speaking with a creator who shared that since she started posting to Reels all her engagement is through the roof and has consistently out-performed standard feed posts.” – Partnerships Manager, Taylor Liddle

At Popular Pays we empower creators and brands to create something worth sharing. (read: Continue to create Meaningful Content). Don’t worry, we are right with you and want to help you defeat the algorithm, but it’s more important that you are sticking true to your brand. Creators, spend more time creating and less on spending all of your energy trying to maintain visibility. Create good content that you love, share what means most to you and connect with people who you want. Trust us, Instagram also wants to make it easy for creators to own their connection with their audience and give you the right tools you need to succeed.

If there’s anything we know for certain it’s that algorithms change and platforms evolve, however, meaningful content will always resonate. Mic drop.


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