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To Negotiate or Not to Negotiate? A Guide to Striking a Deal with Creatives

by Nikki Blank | 5 months ago

Marketers often want to know how much it will cost to work with creatives.

→ A creative is usually someone who has influence on a digital channel, most notably a social network or they simply produce talented content.  

The answer is, it’s impossible to say.  Every creative is different and bids different amounts depending on the briefs ask, their following (if you’re running an influencer campaign), and their expertise. 

Because of this variation, there is usually some space for wiggle room.  The first step in negotiating is simple, just ask!

Should you negotiate?

While it may be tempting to negotiate with every creator, here are a few things to consider first:

If the answer to either of the first three is yes, then it’s time to think about negotiation. If you think a creator is already reasonable, leave it be! Don’t negotiate just for the sake of negotiation. You don’t want creators to feel like their work isn’t valued and make working together impossible down the road.


Negotiating with an applicant:

Considerations in a negotiation: 

Negotiating with a participant:

Be sure to keep in mind the aforementioned best practices for negotiating with an applicant when negotiating with a participant!


Final points to consider

We hope this helps you frame the how/when/who of campaign negotiation. When executed correctly, negotiation should be a positive experience all around and allow for brands to expand the creators they work with, while maintaining the value of a creator’s work.

Lucky for you, our negotiation tool makes the back and forth with a creator easy and seamless, check it out here!



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