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Your New Content Library

by Aana Leech | 5 years ago

The demand for content isn’t going anywhere. As long as digital media continues to roll out new formats, brands will have a continued need for fresh and diverse content.  Havas Group’s meaningful brand index states that 84% of people expect brands to create content.  In 2024 content spend is expected to reach 24 billion dollars.

At Pop Pays, brands and agencies can easily, and quickly, create a warehouse of diverse, custom content. Today, we are introducing the content library.  A searchable library of every piece of final content your brand has created on our platform. Download or export content to a network’s ad manager by searching via campaign title, content type, tag category, or creator name.

Why we love it:

Social has changed the way that you advertise. Let Pop Pays change the way that you create content. From creation to distribution, and now an accessible and searchable content library, we’re building software for creative collaboration.


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Pop Pays

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