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The more the merrier; on-board your creative community to Pop Pays

by Aana Leech | 4 years ago

We understand that you may already have a handful of creators and/or influencers that you work with on a regular basis.  Maybe you’ve had long standing relationships for years or done the hard work upfront of sourcing them manually via Instagram DMs or organic introductions.

It’s cool we totally get it.  

We’re guessing that if the above rings true you are probably also still managing your partners in spreadsheets, communicating via email, and manually tracking down their posts to try and understand impression and engagement data.  This is why we are automating the process of inviting off platform creators to Pop Pays so you can use our collaboration workflow features and data integration tools for your own communities.

Create and manage custom lists that allow you to work with your own exclusive creator community, access the Pop Pays community, or mix and match both all in one place.

Why we love it:

How it works:

All you need is your partner’s email address to invite them to Pop Pays.  Add them to your creator list and watch as they onboard to Pop Pays.

It’s time to invite your friends to the party.  The more the merrier.

Are you ready to onboard your own community to Pop Pays?

Request a demo of our software today to see how it works.

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