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Pop Pays integrates with Shopify to help customers track the effectiveness of their influencer work.

by Aana Leech | 3 years ago

ROI is arguably the most sought after metric to understand in any direct response marketing initiative and also the hardest to attribute depending on your tactic.  It is especially difficult when running organic influencer marketing campaigns focused on conversions.  You need the right set up and also the right strategy (which by the way takes a couple of test campaigns to figure out).  

Today we are excited to announce our latest tech integration with Shopify to help brands track the effectiveness of their influencer investments.  

How it works



Shopify is one of the leading eCommerce software solutions to help brands launch and manage their online presence.  With this integration, brands will be able to:


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Having the right tech set up allows marketers to collect the right data to understand performance of their investments.  The right strategy is another thing.  When you combine the two, analyze the data and optimize, that is where the true magic happens.  

Interested in seeing this new feature in action? Request a demo today. 

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