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Popular Pays introduces Google Vision into their platform

by Aana Leech | 5 years ago

Popular Pays’ content library

We’re adding AI into our platform not to be buzzy, but to be better. At Pop Pays, we provide marketers and creators with a collaboration platform that streamlines creator discovery, campaign management, and data optimization – all in one place. Technology, like AI, improves the experience of our customers by making these processes more efficient over time.

Sometimes, it feels like we’d be lost without AI:

Now, we’ll be cataloguing your Pop Pays’ content library with the help of Google Vision. The lifecycle of a piece of content created on Pop Pays can live far beyond a single post. With rights to reuse and modify final creative, your content library can be an incredible resource to supply your brand’s organic and paid channels with evergreen content. The more campaigns you run through our software the more content you’ll compile. When you’ve amassed a large library of content, searching can be difficult.

The integration of Google Vision makes it easy and actionable for you to identify content within your library. Don’t waste anymore time than you already do on social, scrolling and searching for what you’re looking for. Find it immediately in the Pop Pay’s content library.

This is a small but mighty nod to the future of Pop Pays.  As a team committed to tech first solutions, AI will continue to play an integral part in powering us forward to innovate and make it easier for our customers to accomplish their content and influencer marketing goals.

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