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Search & Source: Use caption search to discover your perfect partners

by Aana Leech | 4 years ago

We just announced search by caption on creator profiles.  Now we are expanding that capability to let you search by caption across our entire community.  

How it works:

Discovery & group individuals by:

Common Interests
Search & group people by keywords or hashtags like fitness, travel, or even emojis like 😍 or 🍩.

Similar Brand affinities
Discover partners by searching for your brand name.

Brand safety guidelines
Ensure your selected group of individuals meets your brand safety guidelines.  Scan for undesirable language as you search and compile your list. 

Competitor mentions
Search by competitors to source individuals with general category interest.

& more!
We encourage you to get creative.

Why we love it:

We are super excited about this new feature, but don’t forget that you can already filter by demographic info & network presence.  Layer on multiple parameters to uncover exactly what you’re looking for.  Take a more in depth look at the power of caption search here. 

Curious about best ways to use this tool for your brand?  One of our client partners can help!

Request a demo of our software today to see how it works.

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