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Spotlight: New York City Influencers

by Kayla Mueller | 2 years ago

@diografic for Valvoline

Looking for influencers in the big apple? Here are 10 you should follow.

In 2020 it’s rare to see a marketing plan that doesn’t incorporate a component of influencer marketing or content creation. Looking for a talented expert in NYC to tackle your project? We are here to help. New York is the largest city in the U.S. by population. The city never sleeps is one of the largest cultural hubs in the world filled with talent. When tapped the right way, these influencers know the drill and can excel at bringing brand activations to life. Check out this roundup of the best of the best in the city of dreams.

Catherine Kim (content by @catherinejkim)

Catherine loves experimenting with bright colors and surreal, graphic compositions. Her work combines graphic design with photography, art, and styling to create elegant but striking visuals. Her content is sure to ad a pop of color to your campaign. Brand partnerships include: Sephora, Gushers and Lifewtr.

Essie Golden (content by: @essiegolden)

Essie moved to New York City to pursue her dreams of fashion. Since launching her career, Essie has become a sought after plus-size model, body positive advocate, blogger and trusted voice within the plus-size community. She uses her platform to inspire and encourage other women, ultimately boosting their confidence. Brand partnerships include: JC Penny, Amazon Fashion and Marshalls.

Diogo Paulo (content by: @diografic)

Diogo has completed over 170 paid gigs and he’s one of our OGs. He is an Art Director and Photographer who loves capturing city landscapes and exotic destinations. He is just as talented in capturing polished imagery for a wide variety of brands. Brand partnerships include: Bose, Dasani Water, Fruit by the Foot and Fossil.

D’ana Nunez (content by: @itscovl)

Designing conscious content in a city where the superficial reigns supreme is an uphill battle, yet D’ana’s creations truly resonate. Her ability to design and create are inspired with a childlike playfulness. A digital artist and content creator, she creates forward-thinking brand experiences with a playful perspective. Brand partnerships include: Method, Samsung and Keds.

Victor Lopez (content by: @hisootd)

Victor is a menswear and travel influencer with extraordinary lifestyle images that take his followers right to the streets of NYC. With an emphasis on style and travels, he also has an awesome TikTok account that can bring brand activations to life. Brand partnerships include: ColeHaan, Macys, Wolverine and Primark.

Jessica Wang (content by: @jessicawang)

Jessica is a fashion blogger and Chinese-American digital influencer who has completed 35 gigs with Popular Pays. Using fashion, she empowers others to be daring and confident in pursuing a fulfilling and fashionable life. Brand partnerships include: Macys, Lexus, Burberry, Dior and Tiffany & Co.

Leo Chan (content by: @levitatestyle)

Former business analyst in Corporate Banking turned influencer, Leo is a style and travel enthusiast who has been featured in GQ, Forbes and Condé Nast Traveler. Leo loves to share effortless ways to be stylish from wearing suits to streetstyle on the go. Brand partnerships include: Nordstrom, Lincoln, Macy’s and Royal Caribbean.

Wilco Froneman (content by: @froners)

Wilco is a queer athlete and fitness enthusiast who is passionate about traveling, style, grooming, entertainment and personal freedom. He loves to partner with brands that stand for equality, self-expression, personal style and self-improvement. Keep an eye out for this dog dad and his upcoming adventures. Brand partnerships include: Calvin Klein, Erba Essentials and Lumin Skincare.

Maria Midoes (content by: @mariamidoes)

Maria brings her love for food, people and travels to her photography. She is one of our cocktail experts and has a keen eye for styling as she thinks beyond just the product shot, but the concept as well. Brand partnerships include: Herradura Tequila, Google, Samsung and Kenmore.

Rachel Choy (content by: @inrachelshoes)

Rachel is a mom/lifestyle blogger who loves to feature images of her daughters, travel and food. A few years ago she decided, with the help of her husband, to start documenting her life and experiences, and share inspiration and tips with other women. Brand partnerships include: Tropicana, Thomas’ Bagels and Hellman’s.

Using our extensive search tool, you will find that Popular Pays has over 2,480 influencers in New York. From lifestyle to pop art and everything in-between, there’s an influencer for every brand. We wish we could highlight them all, but these are a few of our favorite NYC creators.

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