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How to Stay Agile in Advertising: Create, Share, Learn

by Meaghan Carroll | 12 months ago

Agile Advertising will usher in the next era of advertising, where brands can put a test and learn approach at the center of their marketing strategies to stand out in an ever complicated advertising environment.

What does Agile Advertising mean? Agile Advertising brings agile methodologies into the advertising world to help marketers keep up with the speed and content demands of the modern consumer. It is an iterative approach that encourages brands to quickly create, share, and learn across different marketing tactics to evaluate performance and optimize accordingly for maximum impact.

Advertising is not the same as it was 20 years, 5 years, or even 1 year ago.  With the rise of social media in the early 2000’s, advertising has turned into an entirely different challenge.  More complex and dynamic than ever before, brands and agencies need to adapt their advertising approaches in order to keep up with this new era of advertising.

The Popular Pays platform enables an agile advertising approach for brands & agencies alike.  Expand the impact of your marketing team with an agile approach to your advertising efforts.  

So, how does agile advertising work? It’s a process that involves three stages.

We’ll walk you through each step of the way and provide an example with our favorite pretend company, Jujubean.

The Jujubean brand sells jelly beans and wants to sell more of their Berrylicious  jelly beans through their e-commerce Shopify site.  They have heard of influencer marketing and want to test it out as a potential tactic to drive jelly bean sales for their brand. Let’s walk Jujubean through the Create, Share, Learn approach.


Step 1: Create

Create your content with the creator economy and a software platform. 

With the goal of driving sales in mind, they are going to start with Instagram influencers who will focus on creating content for their Berrylicious jelly bean line.  They will set up the campaign by assigning each influencer a unique Shopify discount code so they can track individual sales to measure the success of their campaign. With the content created and the tracking codes assigned, they’re ready to move onto Step 2, Share. 

Step 2: Share

Share your created content from your brand or your creator partner on your selected marketing channel.  Then, you (or they) post the content to your selected channels and ingest the appropriate data.

Now that the Jujubean marketing team is satisfied with their influencers’ Berrylicious content, they are ready to have their influencers spread their message across the Instagram universe.  Their 10 influencer partners stagger their content posts across two weeks and the Jujubean team watches as the stats roll into their Popular Pays dashboard. Again, for the Jujubean team, they are mostly interested in the sales from each influencers unique Shopify code as the primary metric to evaluate the success of their conversion campaign. Once everything is posted and the data starts rolling in, they’re ready to Learn from their findings. Onto Step 3!

Step 3: Learn & Repeat

Evaluate the performance of your efforts.

 Now all of Jujubeans influencers have posted and the data from Jujubeans first influencer campaign is aggregated in the Pop Pays platform. The Jujubean team is able to see stats broken out by each influencer partner as well as total campaign performance. Upon review, the JuJubean team noticed that 2 of their influencer drove over half of their total Berrylicious sales.  With this data, the Jujubean team will run a second campaign investing in their  top 2 performers to supercharge sales further. 

As you can see, Agile Advertising is an ongoing and iterative cycle, so your brand can capitalize on trends, meet consumer content demands, and stay relevant amongst the sea of saturation.

Questions on getting started with Agile Advertising to supercharge your brand sales? Let’s chat! Get started with a free demo here.

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