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Trackable links for all your “swipe up” and “link in bio” needs

by Aana Leech | 4 years ago

We know measuring influencer marketing is hard, especially when it involves understanding engagement beyond the post.  You might be using bitly to generate custom links and track clicks on those unique links.  While bitly can be useful to understand additional influencer data it also means your data lives in different locations.  

Today, we are solving this problem with our latest feature, trackable links.  These links will allow brands to generate custom URLs for each influencer partnership and view clicks to your desired destination all within the Popular Pays platform. 

Pro tip: Take it one step further and peep your Google Analytics to understand unique traffic by influencer.

How it works

Input your custom link into your brief

View clicks on your link in the Popular Pays platform

Why we love it

Know more about your influencer activations with more data all-in-one place. 

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