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Welcome to the Brand Hub: data to review all of your work on Popular Pays

by Aana Leech | 4 years ago

Today, brands aren’t just activating a single influencer & content campaign, they’re executing  influencer & content programs. As brands invest in these programs, it is essential they’re able to get actionable data on specific campaigns and across their entire program.  

Viewing performance as an aggregate helps marketers understand a slew of important information like: which activations are most effective, what type of content & messaging resonates most with a target audience, and finally which partners would be good to engage for ongoing brand ambassadorships.  

Understanding your data is so important that we built a hub for it on the Pop Pays platform. Today, we are excited to announce our latest addition The Brand Hub.  This space is dedicated to data. Our first feature within the hub is Brand Stats.  

Brand Stats gives you a complete view of your influencer & content programs.  Data in-one-place across all of your campaigns where you can make informed and smart action on your programs.  Use this data to: 

How it works

Why we love it

Optimization is the name of the game with any marketing tactic, and influencer & content marketing is no different.  Start using Brand Stats today to draw actionable insights that translate into smart optimizations to your campaigns.  

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