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by corbett drummey | 3 years ago

At Popular Pays, we sent a note to the team today echoing the content below and we spent some time reflecting on everything going on. It felt strange to try to work like normal today when people in our cities across the US are in so much pain.

Most of everything I’ll say about this has been said by many people already, most of whom are more eloquent or qualified, but there’s value in simply taking a stand, stating what we believe in, and seeing what we can do to be a part of the solution. We all need to be a part of the solution.

First, the murder of George Floyd was unjust and wrong, and we fully support holding the officers involved accountable, which unfortunately almost never happens in the US today. But George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, and Breonna Taylor are not isolated incidents. Their deaths and countless others make up a much broader pattern in the US, going way beyond police brutality and extending deep into our justice system and society.

Protesting these systems of inequality is good. There have been many great and peaceful protests across the nation. The situation gets complex with riots and looting, which is the language of the hurt and unheard and something we should understand, but looting can hurt people who were already disadvantaged and it can potentially be used against good causes by those who seek to undermine them.

Importantly, we need to ask ourselves, what can we do to help? Focusing on the ways to be a part of the change versus commentary on the tactics of today seems to be the most productive. Protests raise awareness and communicate frustrations but the underlying systems need to be addressed too. It has been helpful for me to think about this in terms of what we can do as individuals as well as an organization; everybody needs to be a part of the solution, but as a team with resources we have an increased responsibility.

How we can help as individuals:

How we can help as an organization:

As we told our team, a lot is going on and it’s OK to feel hurt and confused or hollow about the work you’re doing today with everything happening. One way we can help is to infuse it with meaning and purpose. On our end, we’re dedicating some time this week to open up lines of communication, discuss this as a team, and add smart goals and next steps.

People are worth it. You are also worth it. If you’re struggling with some of these issues, beyond talking with friends and colleagues, also remember you can talk to highly qualified professionals, therapists, and community or religious leaders. We shared some internal resources to our team with regards to counseling.

This is how we are approaching things at Pop Pays, but I wanted to thank our exec team for their guidance, input, and positive encouragement as many of the most valuable pieces of this approach came from them.

With love,




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