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Brands Making Noise with Purpose

by Aana Leech | 8 months ago

The spread of coronavirus has upended life as we know it with incredible speed. In the midst of uncertainty businesses have adapted with rapid speed. They’ve responded by offering their services and software for free to groups that would benefit most. They’ve sacrificed potential and future business profits to protect their most vulnerable employees. We’ve created a running list of brands making noise with purpose. 

This will be updated as the situation develops with the latest showing at the top. If you witness a brand making noise with purpose, send an email to [email protected] and we’ll be sure that they’re included in the list. 

{Updated: March 27th 2020}

Expensify matches SNAP grocery purchases for families up to $50 

Shelter in place orders, school closures, and increased joblessness has stretched the resources of many especially the millions that rely on the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP). Expensify is uniquely positioned to provide immediate relief to these families in need, with its ability to reimburse volunteers in real-time. With this in mind, they have temporarily directed all charitable funds to The program matches SNAP grocery purchases up to $50 per family. 

Zoom! Provides free software access for K-12 schools in the US and beyond 

Zoom! Has seen meteoric usage as businesses, schools, and individuals are turning to the software to stay connected while social distancing. CEO, Eric Yuan, announced the company’s commitment to provide any K-12 school with free access to the software, shortly after removing all time limits for those areas most impacted by COVID-19. 

Sweetgreen is providing free salads and bowls to hospitals 

In addition to taking increased precautions and promising reinforced hygiene initiatives for all restaurants and team members, Sweetgreen is providing free, healthy food to hospitals in the cities they serve. They have also shifted to digital ordering while their stores are closed, and offering pick up and delivery options to adhere to the social distancing regulations.

Uber is offering free meals to health-care workers and first responders

Uber is providing over 300,000 free meals to the medical professionals risking their own health to combat the COVID-19 pandemic in the United States and Canada. While citizens are required to shelter in place and are unable to dine out at their favorite restaurants, Uber is providing offerings to support local restaurants in an attempt to ease the financial blow of being forced to shut down. Uber Eats is waiving delivery fees and commission fees for certain independent restaurants in an effort to support local businesses. 

In light of Coronavirus, Grubhub to Suspend Commission Payments for Independents

In an attempt to support restaurants suffering from the financial impact of Coronavirus shut downs, Grubhub will be suspending up to $100 million in commission payments from small local restaurants. Grubhub founder and CEO Matt Maloney described independent restaurants as “the lifeblood of our cities” that “feed our communities,” so he hopes to this effort will help them sustain their business during this pause in business flow. Additionally, Grubhub created a fund called Donate the Change allowing customers to round up the change from orders and send the proceeds to support restaurants and drivers impacted by COVID-19. Donate the Change has raised more than $1 million dollars per month.

José Andrés Closes D.C. and NYC Restaurants in Wake of Coronavirus 

Chef and humanitarian José Andrés has closed his N.Y.C. and D.C. restaurants, but he is taking this opportunity to turn some into community kitchens with his nonprofit World Central Kitchen to provide free to-go meals to those in need during the financial devastation caused by the Coronavirus provided by volunteers daily.

Know a brand that should be on this list? Send us a tip: [email protected]

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