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Software that changes the way you create content

Popular Pays’ workflow tools make it easy to collaborate with creators and produce content at the speed and scale of social, without sacrificing the quality you deserve.

Platform Workflow

Build Your Brief

Plan your social media campaign by filling out a brief that details your campaign ideas, content requirements, and creative strategy.

Select Content Creators

Set your brief live to creative collaborators and select partners that best fit your campaign’s needs. Creators will start work once selected.

Review Content

Approve or request edits on submitted content easily through your brand’s dashboard. Communicate about your campaign directly with creators through in-app messaging.

Content Distribution

Watch in real time as creator posts go live or import final creative assets directly to the social networks’ ads managers to run paid media. Measure the performance of all creative through your brand's stats page to understand campaign performance.

Platform Features

Brief Builder

Our automated brief builder guides you through each step to launch your campaign, providing example references along the way to ensure your ask and message are as clear as they can be.

Creator Profiles & Ratings

Browse applications and choose the right creators for your campaign based on profiles they’ve curated and ratings they've earned through their history of work with Popular Pays.

Shortlist Tool

Mix and match your favorite creators until you find the perfect combination to meet your campaign goal. Our shortlist tool allows you to mark your top creator selections while vetting additional applicants.

In-App Messaging

Never miss another email from a creator. Unify all campaign communications into one inbox on our platform. Creators reply via our in-app messenger.

Track Metrics & Sort your Stats

Our platform pulls in real-time statistics as your organic or paid campaign content goes live on social media. Filter these stats by highest reach or highest engagement to best evaluate your campaign's performance and impact.

API Integrations

Access our API integrations with shipping services and social network ads managers. Through these integrations easily manage shipping and product in platform to ensure your campaign stays on schedule and quickly export your content to create ads.

Software to collaborate with creators on
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