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Create an application worth sharing: How to improve your gig applications

by Aana Leech | 2 years ago

Pop Pays wants Creators to get the most out of the platform we built for you. We know applications take time, and that time is money, so check out these tips to ensure you’re putting your best application forward.

1. Read every detail of the brief closely

The brief tells you everything you need to know about a project: the requirements, do’s and don’ts, a style guide, and much more. Make sure that you’re ready to agree to all the project details, the requirements, project timeline, and that your profile matches the “Gig Availability” section before you apply.

2. Ensure your aesthetic matches the brand’s

Successful collaborations are ones that seamlessly mesh your content aesthetic with the brand’s style. Brands sometimes include example content or style guides to convey their desired aesthetic, so look at those closely. If your content aesthetic or skills aren’t a match with the brand’s aesthetic, there’s a good chance you won’t be selected for the gig.

3. Check out what fills your feed 

Some brands are (understandably!) sensitive about seeing a recent post in a creator’s feed featuring a competitor brand. It’s not bad behavior on your part, they just want to make sure a post about their brand would feel authentic to your followers. Before you apply for a gig, make sure your feed won’t be telling contradicting stories. The brand will compare your whole feed with their brand, so make sure you do too. A brand is less likely to select you if your feed content (what you post about) doesn’t feel like a fit for their brand. Sometimes they also consider how many sponsored posts you have in a row versus personal content that you share.

4. Apply for the suggested rate (if there is one)

On some gigs, we’ll provide a suggested compensation rate to help you stay within the brand’s budget. To increase your chances of selection, it’s best to keep your bid within the suggested bid.

5. Triple check your shipping address

If a brand selects you for a gig, we want to get you the product as soon as possible. The last thing anybody needs is gig product shipped to an old address by mistake. We know your info might have changed between gigs, so always, always confirm that your shipping address is correct to avoid shipping (and gig) delays.

6. Make your “Message to the Brand” memorable

The “Message to the Brand” section is like your cover letter for a job or your college application essay. Brands know you’re a creative authority, so explain your creative concept for the gig (that fits with their brief requirements). You can also explain to them why you’re a great fit for their brand. Do not include any information on pricing here, because you’ve already listed out your rate elsewhere.

7. Answer every application question

You wouldn’t leave a question incomplete on a job application, so we wouldn’t suggest that here either. Every question included in the brief is there because brands need that info to inform their decision.

8. Beef up your profile and portfolio

Your profile and portfolio is just as important as your application, showing who you are and the work you can do. You put a ton of effort into your application, so don’t let your profile let you down when it counts. Describe yourself in your bio, and check the boxes for the content formats where you really shine. Don’t forget to upload every content type you make into your portfolio, including photos, videos, and the increasingly important Story posts.


Applying for gigs takes time and effort, and we appreciate all of it. Give yourself the best shot at being considered by following these tips. As always, if you have more questions, check out our Support Center or holler at [email protected] 💚


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