A Creator's POV on TikTok: Josh Killacky

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A Creator’s POV on TikTok

by Kayla Mueller | 3 months ago

We get it, you’re bored in a house and you’re in a house bored. With extra time at home, many are turning to TikTok for positivity, education and entertainment. TikTok is the destination for mobile videos, and Popular Pays is here for it. There’s lots of buzz about the new platform, and we wanted to hear what our creator community had to say about it. Thankfully, we have a wealth of great creators at our fingertips, and we connected with one of our favorites, the talented Josh Killacky to catch some of his thoughts about TikTok Campaigns. 

Josh’s profile says that he’s “here to be as creative as possible”, and boy is he ever. As a choreographer and dancer at heart, he has partnered with extremely reputable brands around the world, and his creative TikTok content has certainly gone viral. What’s most exciting, is that Josh is just getting started.

Popular Pays: What are three pieces of advice you would share with creators on TikTok?

Josh: First, I would say that consistency is the most important with growing your audience. Post often, I’d recommend uploading at least three videos per day. Lastly, make them relatable, my best content is usually after my first or second take!


Popular Pays: TikTok encourages people to be real, bold, fun and lighthearted. How does that make you feel when you are engaging with the platform and posting content?

Josh: Tiktok makes you feel bolder, allows you to get outside of your comfort zone, and creates a judgement-free space. It takes the pressure off of someone who wants to create and is scared or intimidated. For example, it invites everyone, even if they don’t normally dance to go viral for dancing. 

It’s pushing the entire world to be creative and try things they’ve never done before. It’s up to us to be creative!

Popular Pays: In general, what’s your perspective on how TikTok differs from other social platforms?

Josh: In general, we have such a low attention span, so it’s awesome that there’s a platform for 15 seconds of content. If you don’t like something from first 2 seconds, you just scroll to something that fits your humor, mood, or creative preference. It’s so easy to get addicted to it because you can find people from the For You Page so easily and organically.

@joshkillacky for Dunkin’

Popular Pays: How is your creative process different when you are creating for TikTok Campaigns?

Josh: The key ingredients are often awesome lighting, the lyrics, the scenery and a couple of solid dance moves. It’s really easy to overthink it. When you film a sound and after trying it 10 times, your audience recognizes when you are trying too hard and it doesn’t feel relatable or organic. I’ve found that it’s almost like the first or second ones you film are the best, because they are easy. 

I like developing really creative videos that make the audience wonder how I made it, and others that are relatable to everyone worldwide.

Popular Pays: Reacting to trends in a timely matter is huge on TikTok. What does this mean for you as a creator?

Josh: Staying on top of trends is so key, because that’s one of the ingredients to making your own content blow up. Every creator should keep up to date with things going on so that you can garner more exposure on your own content. Sometimes, I like to see what dances are blowing up, add my own creative spin on it, and post away.

Popular Pays: TikTok is all about experimentation. It’s so new that there aren’t as many norms, best practices or rules about what works and doesn’t. What do you think this means for brands?

Josh: Allow the creator the freedom to create a TikTok with a trending song. Sometimes if you are trying to make your own sound related to the product, it won’t get as much exposure, unless you partner with TikTok and they create the hashtag. If brands really want the most exposure, they need to get their hashtag on that trending page, because each gets millions of views guaranteed. I’ve experienced this firsthand and the impact is insane!

Popular Pays: What is your guidance for a brand who may be hesitant to jump on the TikTok train?

Josh: What do they have to lose? Life is about taking risks, and to take that jump on another platform is smart because maybe their competitor might jump on the opportunity before you, and you are going to kick yourself for not doing it.

The soaring number of views and the visibility on 15 second videos speak for themselves.

Thanks for sharing your creative process and advice with us Josh. Looking forward to what’s ahead for Popular Pays and TikTok in 2020, stay tuned! Oh, and if you aren’t already following him, check out Josh’s content, he won’t disappoint.




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