Popular Pays has a culture worth sharing.

Our Mission

Create Something Worth Sharing

When we were first building Popular Pays, our team kept asking each other one question: “Is it worth sharing?” In a time when so many people overshared on social, we wanted to build something that mattered. In that question we found our mission,

“Create Something Worth Sharing.”

Our mission guides every decision we make. If it’s not worth sharing, it’s not worth doing. And it starts with our product: collaborations on our platform produce content that people actually want to share.

Our Core Values

Our Mission Is Worth It.

Joining the Pop Pays team means you believe in our mission, and you share our passion for it. We’re looking for people who believe in our values, not just people who believe working at a startup is a smart career move.

Believing our mission is worth it means you’re committed to focusing on one goal, and ignoring distractions that might pull your focus. Life is short, so find work you actually enjoy.

The Journey Is Worth It.

Our journey is never done – our destination is progress, so we value the path to growth. Growth doesn’t always mean addition: sometimes it means simplifying.

Journeys are easier with a companion, so we pair with teammates when challenges arise. We start with the problem before jumping to solutions, and we value iteration. Great work doesn’t appear out of nowhere, perfect & fully-formed.

Our People Are Worth It.

Our office community is built on welcoming teammates and their ideas. We value diversity in team members and people who can add to the culture, not just fit in.

Our people are our most important asset, both in and out of the office. We treat customers, creators, partners, investors, and even competitors with respect. We listen to customers to learn what to build for them, because people improve our product.

Our Conversations Are Worth It.

Conversations happen when everyone is actively listening, not interrupting. Listening isn’t just hearing, it’s being present.

Don’t avoid hard conversations; they're usually the most valuable ones. We stay transparent so we stay real with teammates.

The words we use in conversations matter. The words that we use have a direct impact on our people, and their ability to accomplish our mission.

You Are Worth It.

Since every team member has value, that value deserves to be developed. We can’t grow unless you do. Setting and achieving goals is an important part of growth at Pop Pays. We know mistakes will happen, but we also know you’re worth the growing pains.

Creativity isn’t exclusive to our network of Creators; everyone on our team is creative. We look to teammates across departments for ideas and inspiration.

A Culture Worth Sharing

Just like anything else we do at Pop Pays, we want to share our culture with everyone. Whether it's when someone walks through the doors of our office, sends us a DM, or reads these words. If you want to know more about the people at Pop Pays and why we love where we work, click below.

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