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Don’t be late! A creator’s guide to campaign due dates

by Meaghan Carroll | 5 months ago

Congrats! You’ve been accepted into a campaign with Pop Pays. Now what? First things first, review the brief that you contractually agreed to when you applied to the campaign. Remember, when you hit “Apply,” you are accepting every aspect detailed in the brief, including due dates, so read carefully and make sure you are capable of delivering content within the timeline detailed in the brief.


Here’s a cheat sheet of the timelines outlined in the brief, keeping in mind that every campaign is a bit different:

Accepted or Rejected: Once you apply, it can take up to 2 weeks or so to hear back on your application. We appreciate your patience as the brand sorts through their awesome applications to find the best fit for their campaign. Keep an eye on the app for updates, we will notify you via push notes (hint hint: make sure you have these enabled) and email if you’re accepted into the campaign. Check out our FAQ on how to be sure you’re getting all the updates from Pop Pays.

Product Delivery: If accepted into the campaign, we ask brands to keep you updated on when your product will be arriving. You should receive an email with tracking information or gift code delivery specifying the timeline to help you plan your product shoot.

Due Date: Your due date is the date that you must submit content for review from the brand via the Pop Pays app. This is NOT the date you need to post on your social feed. Be sure to upload all pieces of content as specified in the brief, you can find your content requirements under the “Deliverables” section of the brief. While every campaign is different, most campaigns will ask creators to submit content for review within 14 days from the acceptance date or the date that product was received. Again, be sure to confirm with your brief as these time frames can vary.  

Once you submit your content to the brand for review, it’s important to keep an eye on your Pop Pays app and email notifications as the brand may come back to you with revision requests. As a reminder, only post the piece or pieces of content approved by the brand before posting to your feed.

Post Date: The post date is the date you should post your approved content to your social feed. Again, time frames are different in every brief, but brands typically ask for content to be posted up to 72 hours after the content is approved. Be sure to follow the posting instructions specified in the brief that may specify when to post, how long the post must remain on feed, and the FTC guidelines. It is especially important to adhere to post dates for new product reveals as posting before the specified deadline can cause issues for brands and their product announcements.

Questions? If you have questions during your campaign, you can reach out to Pop Pays or the brand in the Pop Pays messenger. Feel free to reach out to the brand with any campaign specific questions, and hit us up with any platform or payment questions, comments or concerns. You should expect to hear back from us and the brand within 48 hours. Once your content is approved and you have posted the approved content, your campaign will be complete and payment will be sent 14 days later. More on payments here.

For more information on what we expect from our awesome creators, pop over and check out our Community Guidelines. They help us maintain a professional marketplace that’s fun and fair for everyone involved in the process. While you’re at it, peep the User Terms of Service, too.


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