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Get to know the Pop Shop on Popular Pays

by Aana Leech | 2 years ago

Last summer we set out to learn more about our creator community. One of our primary goals, was to determine why they joined the Pop Pays’ community to better match them with brand partners.

We know our community is made up of a mix of influencers and content creators. Influencers create content to share with their online communities while content creators produce content expressly for the brand’s use. Within this group of content creators, a micro-community of highly specialized content creators developed. We named it The Pop Shop.

The Pop Shop specializes in creating original content that tells your brand’s story in the latest and greatest formats to hit social. Every member has been vetted and trained by our team on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Pinterest best practices. Within this community, creators are known to specialize in content for specific networks.

Here’s a glimpse into some of our talented Pop Shop creators and the original content they’ve already produced for Pop Pays’ clients.

Melissa Fenlon and Sara Albers

A favorite Pop Shop creator, is twin sister duo, Melissa and Sara. Through their company Alice and Lois, they’ve created some of our most pinnable content. We recently featured them on our blog to better understand their approach to creative and how they partner with brands like Kraft, Miller-Coors, and Chameleon Cold Brew.

Diogo Paulo

Diogo has been a member of the Pop Pays community since we first started 5 years ago. His beautiful photos and honest storytelling has amassed him a sizable audience on Instagram. What his followers don’t see, is the studio-quality content that he produces for our brand partners. From motion to still, his design and production skills make him a favorite at the Pop Shop.


Trevor Dobrowsky

Trevor’s content puts the pop in Pop Shop. His colorful videos and images are perfect for brands looking for bright and playful content to tell their brand story on social. Like many of our Pop Shop creators, his day job as an Art Director at a creative agency gives him the background to execute a creative vision from ideation to delivery.


Interested in partnering with Pop Shop creators on original content for your brand? Let’s talk.

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