How Software Helps with Content Creation

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How Software Helps With Content Creation

by Tess Perese | 3 months ago

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How do brands create content?

Usually it looks something like this..

Creative Agencies: Brand works with a creative agency.  The agency develops concepts and brings them to life.

In-House Team: Brand employees an in house creative team to develop creative concepts and bring them to life.

While these means of creating content still occur and are still very much viable solutions to produce content, new options have also emerged that maintain similar quality outputs at faster speeds and lower costs.

…Yes, you guessed it, we are talking software.

Software has augmented quite a lot of our lives in countless areas.  It allows us to communicate in real time, to look up the answer to a question instantaneously, and more recently has allowed us to easily change the way we work.  But, we mean the way we work beyond providing us with tools that make it easier for us to do our jobs from home.  We mean the way we work in the very specific category of content creation.

Now, with the help of software, content creation can be managed entirely online.  Software helps to augment content creation in three key areas; Speed, cost effectiveness, and volume output.

Let’s examine each in more detail.

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Content Creation Software for Speed 

It’s no secret that technology makes our lives more efficient, more streamlined, more organized.  Software does the same for content creation.

Software eliminates much of the manual work you must do to execute a creative project properly.  Often different information can live siloed in different places and across different teammates during creative projects.  Emails pile up, spreadsheets turn into monsters, and it’s challenging to track all the deadlines that have to be met.  With software you can put all of that in a single place and track all of your duties with the click of a button.  It automates things like emails and turns them into messaging platforms that you can easily search and navigate in and out of.  It houses all of your partners in one location so you can keep track of who’s doing what and when their deliverables are due.  Above all it saves you time, by organizing all of your logistics under one roof.  But it doesn’t’ just bring efficiency in time saved, it impacts many other areas as well, like your budget.

Content Creation Software for Cost Effectiveness

Instead of investing in studio production or even your own studio, invest in software for significantly lower costs.  Production houses or agencies net out to minimums of tens of thousands of dollars for a single production shoot.  When you use software and tap into the gig economy, costs drastically decrease.  You end up partnering with uber talented individuals via platforms who shop out their skills for much more reasonable prices because it’s just them and not an entire crew!  Content creation software prices can range anywhere from $600 – a couple thousand, depending on the format type (video is understandably more expensive).

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Content Creation Software for Scale 

We can only do so much on our own.  When we automate processes we produce more work for the same amount of effort or even sometimes less effort.  We become more efficient.  Software does this for content outputs.  When you use software you can enormously scale your content production.  Today, this is important as we live in a social media world.  Content is king and actually the new language in which brands have to communicate with their consumers.  Therefore brands need tons of content and in many different shapes and sizes.  To keep up with the speed of social software is a very sound solution.

Now listen, we aren’t telling you to do a complete 180 and totally drop your current ways of creating content.  We are only telling you that other options out there exist.  Why not try mixing and matching for a while and seeing what works best for you.  No one way is the best way for all, it’s quite relative and very much need based.  Sometimes a large production house project is exactly what you need for the type of creative vision you are trying to develop.  Other times, tapping into the power of software and using creators to deploy your idea might be the best fit.  You choose what works for you.

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