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Introducing Pop Pays Lite

by Aana Leech | 9 months ago

The most lightweight way to connect & collaborate with influencers and creators

Looking for a way to engage with influencers and creators with the click of a button? Now you can. 

Our newest product, Pop Pays Lite, makes it easy for you to quickly and confidently connect with influencers and creators and collaborate with them 1:1. If you’re just starting to curate your influencer community, want to work exclusively with one creator that “gets it”, or are just plain tired of using DMs as your influencer relationship manager Pop Pays Lite can make your work with influencers and creators a little (or a lot!) more organized.   

What comes with Pop Pays Lite: 

Discover Influencers & Creators

Search our community of over 60,000 influencers and creators. Access first-party data and tools to vet partners that are the right fit for your brand. 

Develop Relationships 

Curate and cultivate your influencer and creator relationships for easy activation with My Creators. Add labels to keep them all organized.


Collaborate 1:1 with Threads 

Designed for streamlined collaborations, Threads lets you engage 1:1 with influencers and creators to run fast and efficient activations. 



Great for: 

Interested in learning more about how Pop Pays Lite can work for you?

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