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Invite Creators to Collaborate: Pop Pays Latest Workflow Tool

by Aana Leech | 2 years ago

Popular Pays is on a mission to change the way that you create content. Content needs have changed and creators are a great way to scale and diversify content for your brand. We’re developing software that makes it easy for you to collaborate with them.

Earlier this year, we started to release tools that put the power of managing the content creation process squarely in your hands. The automated campaign setup and briefing process and our ads manager integration allows you to control two important phases of the process: the beginning and the end. Today we’re excited to announce the launch of Invite. Invite gives you the tools to review a list of suggested creators and invite them into your campaign.

Why We Built It:

It became clear through conversations with our customers and creators that we could improve the first touchpoint between creator and brand. We found that customers wanted to initiate the collaboration with creators themselves, without the help of a Pop Pays’ customer success manager. We learned from creators, that they want to be notified of opportunities to apply to and collaborate with brands. Armed with these insights, we developed a tool for the brand to review creators and invite them to a campaign as soon as a brief goes live.

What We Built:

For brands

For creators

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