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Make your Profile + Portfolio pop

by Meaghan Carroll | 9 months ago

Looking for best practices on what to include in your profile to make it 100? We got you! Here’s a quick and easy checklist to walk you through the process:

  1. First Name: It’s always polite to introduce yourself!
  2. Location: Many campaigns are city, state, or country specific. You’ll start to see location specific campaigns show up in your gig list. To ensure you’re seeing the right opportunities,  make sure your location is always up-to-date.
  3. Birthday: To complete work on the platform you must be 18 or your account must be managed by someone that is older than 18. Inputting your birthday, helps us all CYA.
  4. Bio: Give possible collaborators a peek in to who you are and what you’re all about. This is a quick and easy way for a brand to hear about the kinds of projects you’re looking for on Pop Pays and what you love to do.
  5. Gender: Brands may search your gender to invite you to gigs. Female, male, other or prefer not to say? We’ve got an option for you.
  6. Content Creator vs. Influencer: We know the lines here can be a bit blurry. Content Creators are our creators who are willing to make studio-quality content for brands to use for the brand’s social and digital needs. Content creators, should have experience with brand guidelines, graphic design, and studio production. Influencers are our creators who have built an engaged audience and want to share branded content with that audience.
  7. Specialties: Choose at least 1 and up to 5 tags that describe the kind of content you create. Specialities make you more discoverable when searching for partners. We’ve listed a handful of our most popular specialties for you to add to your profile.
  8. Capabilities: Choose at least 1 of the content formats that you can be hired to create today. Make sure that you are proficient in the capabilities that you choose to select.
  9. Portfolio Content: Choose at least 5 and up to 18 pieces of content to show off your work. This gives you an opportunity to show a wide range of your work and flex your creativity muscle in front of the brand to show them why you’d be a great fit.


Now that you’re a profile + portfolio pro, head over to your Pop Pays account and get your info in tip top shape before applying to gigs. Any questions? You can reach us any time at [email protected].

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