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New for you at Pop Pays

by Meaghan Carroll | 9 months ago

We’re always making changes based on our most common feedback from creators. Here’s what we’ve been working on lately to make Pop Pays work better for you:

Brief Updates

We’ve heard that the brief can be overwhelming for creators, so we moved the most important information to the top for easy reference. Now at a tap and a quick glance, you’ll be can see:

Campaign Fulfillment

We’re adding an indicator to let you know if the campaign is near fulfillment so you know if you need to put your application in ASAP. If you click into the brief, you’ll be able to see exactly how close the campaign is to fulfillment.

Pricing Guidance

Creators are always looking for more guidance around what to bid for a campaign, so we’ve implemented guidance right into the platform. For certain campaigns, you’ll start to see pricing guidance including a fixed price, suggested bid, or even have the opportunity to adjust your bid under certain circumstances.


Now that you’re up to speed on all our new updates, head over to your Pop Pays account and check them out. Any questions? You can reach us any time at [email protected].



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