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News Worth Sharing, April 2018

by Aana Leech | 2 years ago

A roundup of top stories from the last month about tech, ads, marketing on social media, and what they mean for you.

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“What Instagram Carousel Ads for Stories Mean to Brands” (AdWeek)

This opinion piece by Taylor Murphy explains we’re living in “the visual age,” especially when it comes to consumers deciding what to purchase. The author believes that Instagram’s addition of Carousel ads to Stories shows that consumers are ready to be taken on the whole journey (from awareness to purchase) at any moment on social media. Their conclusion is “that businesses need to go beyond viewing social as a brand-building platform. Being on Instagram is just the price of admission for even having a brand, period.”

What it means for you:
While the whole piece is a nice summary of the current moment in social media marketing, a closer read reveals some helpful numerical takeaways tucked inside:
30 percent of online shoppers would make a purchase from a social network.”
“People upload 1.8 billion photos per day
“By 2019, global consumer internet video traffic will account for 80 percent of all consumer internet traffic”
Marketers need to realize that every single touchpoint with their customer is a chance to convert to purchase, and there’s never a time when your content can’t be top-notch.

Snapchat gets people talking with group video chat, adds mentions to Stories (Variety)

The latest skirmish in the Battle of the Network Features comes from a Snapchat update that adds two features: group video chat and mentions in their Stories.

Snapchat users can now easily chat with up to sixteen people at the same time, without losing any of Snapchat’s creative functionality, like lenses. Also new is the ability to tag another account in your Snap Story, which has long been a feature exclusive to Instagram Stories.

What it means for you:
Snapchat seems to be growing into some kind of Swiss-Army-knife app. (Clock the recent forays into in-app retail, adding an analytics tool for influencers, etc.)

Big group chat has previously been a feature of entire apps, like Houseparty, but now users don’t have to leave Snapchat (or beg their friends to sign up for a new app) to keep the conversation going. Adding the ability to tag other accounts in Stories just shows that Snap is serious about being welcoming to influencers and creating more chances for discovery. (Tagging means you can also tag brand accounts, many of which are currently underutilized.)

While there’s the future possibility of marketers using sponsored lenses in group video chat, the real takeaway here is that Snapchat isn’t going anywhere. The company is both keeping up with and innovating on their competitors.

Instagram tests 6 new features we really hope become real (Mashable)

Instagram originally gained a user base for its lack of bells & whistles: the focus was on sharing content, not a slew of user settings. But seasons change and so do social networks. In the War of Features currently being waged between Snapchat and Instagram, 6 shots have just been fired with these possible new features:

  1. Muting feed posts – We all know a Chronic Oversharer: that one friend who still hasn’t mastered the art of editing themselves. The ability to mute users’ Stories has existed for a while now, but this feature would add the ability to mute a user’s feed posts.
  2. Slow-Motion for Stories – Just like the new “Focus Mode” on Stories, a slow-motion video record would duplicate a feature that used to exclusive to certain models of the iPhone.
  3. Calendar view for Story archive – Now even if your feed isn’t displayed chronologically, your Story archive can be.
  4. Stories reactions – Do you find yourself constantly replying to your friends’ Stories with a single emoji? Here’s a welcome feature import from Facebook that’ll make that easier.
  5. Tagging Facebook friends in posts – If you have a friend who isn’t on Instagram yet (in 2018???) you can tag them in an Instagram post to let them know what they’re missing out on.
  6. Video calling – Facebook Messenger has it, Snap has it, and now hopefully Instagram will get it too.

What it means for you:
Let’s break each of these features down by what they could mean for you in the future, and what they mean for you now:

  1. Muting feed posts – Doesn’t giving users the ability to see less content seem counterintuitive to a network built on sharing it? Not when you’re giving users the feeling of having more control over what they see, and an overall better experience on Instagram This dovetails with Facebook’s efforts to get people to spend more meaningful time on their app, not just time.
  2. Slow-Motion for Stories – Yes it’s another indication of Instagram’s investment in Stories, but it also allows users to have more creative tools at their fingertip in the app, so they never have to leave it.
  3. Calendar view for Story archive – Giving creators a quick insight into when they’re posting. Giving creators access to more data about their content is always a good thing.
  4. Stories reactions – Making engaging with Stories even easier.
  5. Tagging Facebook friends in posts – One of the first examples of cross-pollination between Facebook and Instagram. The end goal of this is to drive more Instagram sign ups from Facebook.
  6. Video calling – Just like slo-motion, it’s another reason to not have to leave the app.

Overall, these features are about the increased dominance of Instagram Stories, and Instagram’s commitment to drive users there and keep them engaging.

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