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News Worth Sharing, February 2018

by Aana Leech | 2 years ago

A roundup of top stories from the last month about tech, ads, marketing on social media, and what it means for you.

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Screencap via the New York Times

New Look for the News Feed (New York Times):

Big changes hit Facebook’s News Feed, prioritizing content from friends over business pages. Content that gets comments and shares get priority over content that just gets reactions (Likes, etc). In addition, there’s a bigger emphasis on posts from communities and Facebook Groups in the feed.

What it means for you: 

Facebook changed News Feed to increase active, engaged use (commenting, sharing) as opposed to passive (watching video/Liking). These changes are not to the ad algorithm, but will affect organic reach. Posts that would previously reach the top of a user’s News Feed because of high Likes will not surface organically. Boosting and targeting are now essential to make an impact in the News Feed, and Popular Pays is ready to accommodate that with our new Facebook Ads Manager integration.

Some content types promote more discussion than others. For instance, just like Head of News Feed Adam Mosseri wrote in a blog post about the new News Feed, “Many creators who post videos on Facebook prompt discussion among their followers.” He explained that going forward, creator content that invites and encourages discussion will be essential.


Stories are the future, & they’re working now (The Motley Fool):

Here’s a big claim from a big name in social that you might’ve missed–Mark Zuckerberg said Stories are poised to overtake posts in the feed (on Instagram & Facebook). As he said in the Q4 2017 Earnings Conference Call, “Stories are on track to overtake Posts and Feeds as the most common way that people share across all social apps. […] the growth of Stories will have an impact on how we build product and think about our business.”

What it means for you:

Doing a deeper dive in the transcripts from the Q4 Earnings call reveals some impressive numbers, showing how Instagram Stories are proving effective for marketers. One big number: 60%the percentage of people who watch Story video ads with sound on. Zuckerberg also shared a case study from OpenTable, who ran a video Story that included a swipe-up “Book Now” link. OpenTable saw a reach of 1.5 million users and 33% lower cost per reservation through their Stories campaign. COO Sheryl Sandberg also repeated the number 300 millionthat’s daily active Instagram Story users.

The takeaway? If you haven’t run a campaign utilizing Stories, it’s time. It’s where people are active, and more importantly, engaged. (Sound-on watching indicates that people aren’t passively scrolling through Stories.) Creators know how to make Stories because they already have been and it’s where their followers are looking. Our creators are ready, and so are your customers.

Screencap via Instgram’s Blog

Say “Hi” to Story Highlights (Instagram Blog):

Every Story post is now saved in a user’s archive, and at any time users can curate previous Story posts into a Highlight that lives permanently at the top of their feed.

What it means for you:

Stories are no longer just throwaway content for creators to post in between more composed feed posts. Stories demand high fidelity, and now that quality can be enjoyed after 24 hours. Brands could encourage creators to add Story posts from their campaign to a relevant collection on the creator’s feed. Fashion brands could have a sponsored post mixed in to a creator’s pre-existing “Favorite Outfit” Collection, etc. Food brands might have a sponsored post mixed in to a creator’s “Fave recipes” Collection.


Image via Digiday

We Called It! Snapchat Goes Big on Commerce in 2018 (Digiday):

In a sign of things to come, Snapchat partnered with Nike during the NBA All-Star Weekend to sell shoes at a concert. Digiday reports that “attendees at a concert could scan a code [in Snapchat] to see the new Air Jordan III “Tinker” sneaker, then purchase it within Snapchat via Shopify.” Speaking to Digiday, an unnamed Snap representative said “commerce overall is a big priority for Snap in 2018.”

What it means for you: 

Like we predicted in our February 12 “News Worth Sharing,” Snapchat is looking to make itself appealing to brand partners not just as a place to advertise their products, but to move them. Look for Snapchat to make these commerce features more readily available to more marketers this year.

Industry News


Image via AdAge

Toyota Goes For the Gold with a 6 Second Olympic Run (AdAge): 

In a runtime lifted straight from social, Toyota is making an impact during the Olympic Games coverage with ads that share a message in 6 seconds flat. Frankly, we’ve seen GIFs with longer runtimes

What it means for you:

If you needed more proof that 6 second ads are here to stay, here it is, in between Figure Skating routines. Crossing between the two screens, more and more viewers are being trained to expect shorter ads. Marketers can align their traditional production TV ads with their social campaigns, making every spot 6 seconds, and creating a cohesive brand image for their customers, no matter where they’re experiencing the brand.

Like we saw with Diet Coke’s Super Bowl ad that was born from social, it’s time for marketers to stop thinking of their social content as secondary and start thinking of it as the breeding ground for their larger campaigns.

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