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Campaigns, collaborate at scale

From brief to post performance tracking, the Pop Pays platform supports every part of the campaign lifecycle to get you results

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01 Brief

Define your campaign with a creative brief

Automated Brief Builder
Walkthrough each step of the brief creation process with our Automated Brief Builder.

Input your desired partner criteria into the brief and match with individuals who meet those requirements.

Qualifying Questions
Include customized qualifying questions to better vet your applicants.

02 Applicants

Review applicants to find your perfect partners

Actively engage partners to apply to your campaign with recruit.

Profiles & Portfolios
Review partner history. Post history lets you see how many campaigns a creator or influencer has completed with Pop Pays and a rating based on ease of working with them.

Shortlist your favorite partners before actually accepting them into a campaign.

Price Flexibility
Choose how you want to collaborate with partners:

  • Open bidding
  • Fixed budgets
  • Suggested price

03 Shipping & Messaging

Track product shipment in platform

Use shipping integrations to track shipment status and compile addresses.

Message creators 1:1 to chat through creative ideation, posting requirements, or logistics.

04 Review

Review content deadlines for selected partners

Revision history
Track pending content, edits requested, and approved content by partner.

Due dates
Stay on schedule with content and posting due dates and use progress indicator to track outstanding content or post requirements.

Instagram Story Support
Easily review IG story uploads.



We handle all creator payouts.


Contracts are built into our brief. It is a binding agreement between brand and creator.


Whether you are a team of one or many, our flexible permissioning lets you control how you internally collaborate.