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How Popular Pays’ Agency Web App is helping marketers achieve their goals

by Pete Dolan | 2 years ago

Already a powerful tool for marketers producing custom content, Popular Pays’ platform just got better.

The Pop Pays platform just got even better for marketers

Popular Pays began with the idea that content shared on social had value for marketers and creators. Four years ago, if you had 500 followers on Instagram, you could download the Popular Pays app, and in exchange for a post on Instagram, pick up free product at local businesses. Today, the needs of our clients expand far beyond a single Instagram post, and our business has shifted to streamlining custom content creation. Marketers need content in a variety of formats, to reach audiences across multiple social networks, and that seamlessly integrates into paid placements.

While at its core the Pop Pays platform has always focused on a streamlined content creation process, we realized our workflow tools needed an update. In order to be the operating system for content creation, we needed to listen to the people who know best what they need, our clients.

We asked marketers the pain points in content production we could better address with our platform. We also asked them how Pop Pays fits into their content creation process:

Pop Pays helps me do my job by streamlining [creator] discovery.
— Pop Pays Brand Client

[Popular Pays] are organized, detail-oriented and fully understand your clients’ needs and overall campaign goals. Whenever we had a question or needed to talk through a certain aspect of the campaign, they would hop on the phone in an instant to help resolve. That type of client service is unmatched. Not to mention, they were able to provide quality influencers who were on-brand.
— Kelly Jackson, Havas Formula

A culmination of extensive product research, user interviews, and prototype iterations by our product, tech, and design teams — we are excited to officially announce the newest version of Popular Pays’ platform.

Here’s a look at new and improved workflow features enabling marketers to create custom content that works.

Find the right creators

Consolidate creator communications

Collaborate on content in context

Turn campaign results into action

These are just the latest updates to our content creation platform, but they’re hardly the last. We’re always improving to help marketers reach their goals, without them breaking a sweat. Want to know what Pop Pays can do for your business? Find out here.



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