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Popular Pays Partner Stories: A Chameleon in Texas

by Nikki Blank | 2 years ago

There’s a brand from Austin, TX that knows a thing or two about the value of a good cold-brew. They also know about the value of hustle. Homegrown in Austin, Chameleon Cold-Brew has been working with Popular Pays for just over a year now, using our platform to produce content that showcases their versatile and ever-expanding product line (Ready-to-Drink, Concentrate, Pods, and Whole Bean coffee, but that‘s just for now).

Chameleon Cold-Brew’s collboration with Pop Pays Creator @rach.bires

We went out to Austin this January to learn a little more from Chameleon about how custom content from Pop Pays creators is helping to power Chameleon Cold-Brew’s growth, and what the brand has learned about working with creators.

Chameleon Cold-Brew partnered with Nestlé at the end of 2017 to bring their high quality, organic coffee offerings to more people, in more places. The Chameleon team is approaching their expansion with the same mix of drive and hometown spirit they’ve always had. “We are still such a small and mighty team, so it is often all hands on deck to launch a new project,” said Rachel Kusin, Brand Manager. Popular Pays’ platform has collaboration tools that allow multiple stakeholders from a team to work together.“It’s so rewarding to be a part of something that starts as a small idea and turns into something so much greater,” Kusin said.

Chameleon already had a devoted fan base of creators on social media, but needed a way to streamline their content creation workflow. The work of tracking down creators, managing contracts and payments, and coordinating content review and posting was an unwieldy amount of work. “We needed a way to identify and connect with like-minded creators on a larger scale,” explained Kusin. “Popular Pays has allowed us to connect with so many creators who not only love the brand, but also create engaging content that represents Chameleon in a creative way.’

It’s not just Popular Pays’ production workflow that Chameleon benefits from, it’s the quality of the content from creators. Kusin shared, “[Chameleon is] constantly amazed at the number of talented and creative individuals that are on the platform! Popular Pays has introduced us to so many amazing influencers who are willing to push [their creative] boundaries and try something new.”

@coffeeandchampagne for Chameleon Cold-Brew





Chameleon Cold-Brew discovered working with creators on Popular Pays’ platform is about building relationships and letting creators flex their inspiration muscle. The Chameleon team found success when selecting creators whose creative vision they trusted. Their advice for brands working with creators? “Let the creators have fun!,” said Kusin. “While it is important to identify influencers that share similar values as your brand, we also want to allow the creators to capture their experience with Chameleon their own way. Each influencer is unique and we want their individuality to shine.’

For Chameleon, the true sign of building successful relationships is when creators show their love on social after the campaign has wrapped. “[We] always enjoy seeing influencers post about Chameleon time and time again — even when it’s not required!” The consolidated messaging on Popular Pays’ platform has allowed them to communicate with a large group of creators in one place. “We can now create stronger relationships with creators who produce incredible content but are also passionate about our brand,” explained Kusin.

@thehungrychronicles for Chameleon Cold-Brew





2017 was a great year for Chameleon Cold-Brew and Popular Pays, but Kusin assures us they have no intention of slowing down. “Through user-generated content, we have been able to drive brand awareness and share our brand story — but we are just getting started!,” she said. “[We’re] looking forward to cultivating even more relationships that allow us to deliver the Chameleon story in a fun, bold, and inspiring way.”

As Chameleon Cold-Brew has used Popular Pays’ platform to generate custom content in the past year, we’ve definitely seen them living out their mantra: “Sip. Hustle. Repeat.”

Thanks to Chameleon Cold-Brew for sharing their thoughts, their time, and their beans with us. Want to know how other brands have used Popular Pays’ content creation platform to grow their businesses? Check out more Case Studies


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