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by Monica Makropoulos | 4 months ago

@neon.be for Entenmann’s Little Bites

People are using their time at home to figure out TikTok. Are you one of them?

The platform saw an 18 percent increase in downloads, and was downloaded 2 million times between March 16 and 22. For brands, this is a unique opportunity to experiment with how TikTok fits into your marketing strategy. Not only are people flocking to the platform in search of information and entertainment, but influencers are presenting powerful ways to drive awareness and engagement authentically. 

In addition to Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, & YouTube influencers and creators in our community can now add TikTok as a social network. When subscription customers use Search to discover and curate their influencer and creator communities they can filter for TikTok influencers to add to invite to campaigns or add to their My Creator lists. 

To get you think about adapting your marketing strategy to include TikTok, we came up with some ideas to get you started. Let’s be honest, Netflix is only going to take us so far. TikTok is opening doors to think about entertainment differently.

Quarantainment Creative Ways In:

Social Media Challenges

Activate influencers to create a challenge on TikTok or Instagram. They can develop a new dance or a “see it, do it” challenge to rally people around a common activity. Influencers are creatives brimming with new ways to engage people on their phones,  let’s see what they can dream up. 

Family Game or Movie Night via Video

Partner with creators to have family game night via video chat. Ask them to promote the board game or new movie and encourage followers to play or watch with friends and family via video chat.  Favorite show you all watch together? New movie coming out? Join a video chat and watch as if you’re in the same room.

@hungryinla for KitchenAid

Cooking Tutorial with Pantry Staples

Grocery store shelves are looking a little different these days. Cooking routines have been flipped upside down, leaving people to figure out to make frozen and canned foods taste good. Partner with foodies who can lead a cooking tutorial using pantry staples–grains, beans, frozen veggies, etc. to make something great. 

Quarantine from the Dog’s Point of View

We’ve been hearing from our furry friends that they’re ecstatic about pawrents being home all day, every day. Activate pet influencers or their owner to drive awareness for dog and/or cat brands. After all, our furry friends need to eat too, and since we can’t go to the stores, owners need to understand how to order products online. 

@liv.and.leo for Avocados from Mexico

With a large majority of the world experiencing quarantine, consumers are turning to in-home entertainment and mobile devices for comic relief. There’s huge opportunity for brands to shift gears, interact with their audience in meaningful ways and provide support.

We want to help you create something worth sharing on social media. Use software to collaborate with a distributed network of influencers and activate your ideas quickly and efficiently.

How we help:

1.  Global network of over 65,000 opt-in influencers and content creators across networks like TikTok, Pinterest, YouTube & Instagram.

2.  Software that streamlines remote collaboration and handles campaign logistics like contracting, fulfillment, & payment in-platform.  

3.  Managed service team to help you go from concept to content in as few as 3 days. 

4.  Leverage our in-house creative strategists for creative campaign ideation and messaging adaptation.

Ready to create something worth sharing? Let’s chat, [email protected].

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