Roundup: Valentine's Day Activations

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Roundup: Valentine’s Day Activations

by Monica Makropoulos | 4 weeks ago

@themarissacallahan for M&M’S

We’re hopeless romantics here at Popular Pays, and something about Valentine’s Day makes us reminisce. Here are a few Valentine’s Day campaigns that give us all the feels.❤️

My M&M’S Valentine’s Day

Among the world’s favorite candy snacks since 1941, M&M’S® are the original fun bites. Probably the most famous candy treat in the world, the snack sized pieces of chocolate in a candy shell are instantly recognizable all over the globe.

For this campaign, influencer’s showed how My M&M’S can be the perfect sweet surprise for Valentine’s Day. Content came to life via static and animation content and was shared across Instagram and Facebook.

Tim Hortons Valentine’s Day Pins

Tim Hortons, Popular Pays and Pinterest teamed up to create a seamless brand integration to drive awareness for the Be Mine donut, and increase engagement on Pinterest. One creator developed over 40 incredibly beautiful Pins the brand used on their own Pinterest page. Fun fact: Content was turned around in two days! 

If you don’t inspire your guests through the work you do, I think you miss a big opportunity. – Axel Schwan, Global Chief Marketing Officer, Tim Hortons

MillerCoors “Gallontine’s” Day Party

Get ready for a great ladies night in! A new trend in celebration of Galentine’s Day is “Gallontines Day,” which calls for friends to each bring and eat their favorite gallon of ice cream. For this campaign, influencers highlighted the new trend – Gallontine’s Day, and demonstrated how gal pals incorporate indulgent ice cream and beer pairings into their party. Content was posted to the creator’s blog and shared out on social.

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