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Do you speak social?

by Tess Perese | 1 year ago

Learning a new language is hard and especially hard when it’s one that is always changing. That’s why we’ve created a social dictionary with the most commonly used terms to help you speak social.  Check back frequently as we’ll continuously be updating and refreshing this list to get us on our way to becoming fluent. 


Algorithm: Apart of and unique to each social network, an algorithm defines how a user is served content.

Assets: This term is another way to describe content.

Ads Manager: A social networks paid media environment where you set up and run paid advertisements.

Ad Account: A specific account created within one’s Ads Manager to run paid advertisements.  Typically agencies have multiple Ad Accounts as they run ads for a handful of different brands.


Brief:  Often used in Influencer Marketing, a brief is a detailed written description from the brand outlining exactly what they would like the influencer / creator to do for their campaign.

Business Account: Similar to an Ads Manager & Account, a Business Account represents the entire container for which paid media activity occurs.

Brand Awareness: A tactic used by brands that is intended to make their target audience aware of their existence and presence.


Content Creator:  An individual who is highly skilled in content production.  Often creators specialize in formats like photography, videography, stop motion videos, gifs, etc.

Campaign: An activation that lasts for a period of time and intends to accomplish a predefined goal.

Co-sponsoring: A Popular Pays branded term that refers to a brand putting $ behind an Influencer’s content via the Influencers profile on whichever agreed upon social network.


Deliverables: A set of requirements outlined in a campaign that a participant must fulfill.

DR: Acronym for direct response, which is a type of campaign intended to elicit a specific action from a user.


Engagement: Is a term used to express the way in which a user interacts with a piece of content.  Likes, comments, shares are all considered forms of engagement on social.

Engagement Rate: The total number of engagements (likes, comments, shares, etc) divided by the total number of impressions or followers (for Influencer Marketing), expressed in a percentage format.  For example if your ad received 50 engagements and garnered 500 impressions or followers, your engagement rate would be 10%.  (50/500) * 100

Evergreen: Also known as an always on campaign, an Evergreen campaign refers to a campaign that has flight dates usually running a year or longer and uses a brands foundational messaging to maintain brand awareness.


Flight Dates: Used to describe the start and end date of a campaign.

Flatlay: A term used to help curate content creation.  Typically used with clothing products as it is meant to describe how the clothing should be displayed in the content; spread out and laying flat against a white backdrop.

Frequency: This indicates how many times you would like the same person to be served your piece of content.  If you set a frequency of 3 within a 7 day time frame an individual will be served your ad 3 times every week (this can only be controlled via paid media tactics)

Followers: The total amount of individuals that ‘follow’ a users social account


Gig: Another way to refer to a campaign.  The street term to describe the project an influencer or creator is working on.


Highlights: Unique to Instagram, highlights refer to the bubbles on a users profile that permanently remain on their account and are curated according to the bubbles title.

Handle: An individuals unique identifier on their respective social network.  Most aptly applicable to Instagram and often expressed as @popularpays

Hashtag: Searchable keywords that allow users to append relevant information to their content on social.  Often expressed as #popularpays.


Influencer: Any individual with a presence on a social network with a significant following

Influencer Marketing: Brand partnerships with Influencers to generate branded content in an authentic voice and often elicit an action from a target audience.

Impressions: Are the number of times a given piece of content has been viewed.  Impressions do not account for the number of times a given piece of content has been viewed by a unique number of individuals.


KPIs: Acronym for key performance indicators, which mean a set of defined goals a brand attempts to reach and exceed with their marketing efforts.


Link in Bio: Adding a link to a specific web url within your social networks bio. Typically used on Instagram as a way to direct traffic to a desired location.


Micro – Influencer:  An influencer with less than 100,000 followers on their respective social network

Macro – Influencer:  An influencer with more than 100,000 followers on their social account.


Niche Influencer:  An influencer who has amassed a following within a specific category like fitness, or food.

Native: Term used to describe content authentic to an individuals personal brand and persona. 


Optimization:  Term used to describe how one can learn from past initiatives and make changes moving forward to become more efficient based on their goals.

Organic: Refers to any content posted to a social network without the investment of $.  Organic content is limited to the audience that follows the user’s account as well as the algorithms in place on the different social networks.


Product Launch: A campaign type that focuses on the release of a new product and uses marketing tactics to announce said products availability.

Paid Media: Refers to any content posted online that is backed by $.  Paid media allows for a brand to have more control over who see’s their content, at what time, and where.


QA: Acronym for quality assurance, which means ensuring social set up is within best practices and most likely to achieve the desired outcome.


Reach: The unique amount of times an individual views your piece of content.  For example, if you have a reach of 100, that means 100 individuals each saw your piece of content.

ROI: Acronym for return on investment, which means you measure how much $ you initially invested and how much money your investment returned.


Stories: Typically correlated to Instagram, Stories are pieces of content (images, videos, gifs etc) that appear to a users audience for 24 hours and than disappear.

Specs: Term used to describe the image ratio, length, width etc of a piece of content to ensure it falls within a social networks preferred requirements to be best displayed to ones audience.

Swipe Ups: Apart of IG Stories, swipe ups refer to a users ability to physically swipe up on an Story post to be redirected to a specific web url.  Often used by brands to run DR campaigns across social.


Tap: Terminology used with Stories to describe a user ‘tapping’ from one piece of content to the next in a Story series.

Tag: Typically uses @ to mention and link out to an individuals handle or profile on a social network.


UGC: Acronym for user generated content, which means content built by users to feel more authentic and native as opposed to branded and curated.

UTM Links: Unique links that can be appended to any url to identify a specific campaign activation within one’s google analytics account.  These are often used to evaluate the success of marketing initiatives by brands.


Viewability: Term used to describe what percentage of your content was actually seen by real individuals.


Whitelisting: Similar to co-sponsoring, whitelisting refers to a brands ability to boost content from an Influencer’s handle.


X: The letter you put in between a brand and creator collaboration to demonstrate the partnership.  For example: adidas X popularpays

You may have noticed that J, Y & Z do not receive representation in this dictionary.  It’s not because we don’t know the alphabet, but rather because we cannot think of any relevant social terms that begin with these letters!  Hit us up if you can!


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