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Find your format

New social media advertising products and formats roll out so quickly, it can feel hard to keep up. With our agile content creation process, you can quickly test new content formats to gain insights on what content works for your brand and where you should invest paid spend.

Boost your content

Combine the authentic voice of influencer marketing with audience insights from social networks by boosting high-performing content posted from a creator’s handle.

Drive ROI

Using Pop Pays network integrations, measure your custom content across organic and paid media placements to prove ROI and understand which social platform works best for your brand.

Optimize your content

Reach Your Target Audience

Ensure you hit your target audience with your custom content through a boosted social post.

Evaluate Creative Performance

Access detailed social media metrics to gauge performance and make smarter content.

Test and Optimize

Test a variety of custom creatives against your target audience to learn what message resonates best.

Diversify with Ad Formats

Activate Pop Pays custom content across all available ad products, like IG stories, Youtube Videos, shop-able Pins, or 6 second video ads.