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Starting your campaign with Pop Pays is easier than ever thanks to our new brief builder

by Dalyn Ward | 3 years ago

Today at Pop Pays, we are announcing the launch of our automated campaign setup and brief intake process.

Earlier this year, we came together as a product team and brainstormed ideas on where to take Pop Pays in the coming months and years. Our customers tell us that we excel on workflow, and that we are laser focused on using our platform to bring efficiency to the content creation process.

Still, one of the biggest challenges marketers face when working with creators is putting together a brief that effectively communicates the nuances of the brand, the creative ask and expectations of creators. One of our customers described this process as the most important component for success on Pop Pays. They said it’s key to,“write the best brief, and make sure expectations are clear so creators know what is expected of them.”

How We Built It:

In an internal survey we sent out to our customer success team, we learned that brief creation was one of the most challenging tasks they faced, when compared to other parts of their job. We also learned that collaboration with our customers is key to creating a successful brief. We decided that focusing on initiating a content ask was a key action to complete the end-to-end workflow of our product, and would be a focus for our team early this year.

We set out to create a starting point on our platform that enables customers to begin a brief and initiate a campaign. One of our priorities was to develop detailed prompts and example text that guides our users through the process. We also integrated with our existing admin experience, so that our customer success team will be able easily modify and suggest changes to briefs submitted by our customers, which allows for the critical collaboration component of the brief creation process.

On the other side of our marketplace, we have heard from our creators that they value the specificity and clarity of our briefs. We value our creator community, and appropriately setting expectations for what they are expected to create is critical to our shared success. We believe that enabling our brands to develop a brief on platform — and streamlining the review process on our end prior to publishing a brief to our community — will allow us to get campaigns live faster, with more automation, and at the fidelity level our creators expect.

Thanks to our recent integration with Facebook Ads Manager, we are closing the loop on our platform’s process. Our platform now supports content creation at every step: initiation, creator selection, workflow automation, and distribution on social, across paid and organic channels.

How It Works

If you are a Pop Pays customer, this feature is already available. Log in, and you can start your first brief on the new brief builder today from your campaign list page. Once submitted, our sales or customer success team will be in touch.

The brief builder in action on the platform

Are you ready?

Not yet a Pop Pays customer? Curious about how Pop Pays can solve your custom content needs? Request a demo of our dashboard today.

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