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SXSW Goes Pop: Navigating Austin’s biggest week with Popular Pays

by Aana Leech | 2 years ago

We’re heading South for our inaugural trip to SXSW. If you live in Chicago, like we do, you’ll know that there’s one thing beyond the panels, parties, networking & serendipitous reunions with friends to look forward to — we’re talking about that S-U-N.

Looking through the official and unofficial schedule of events, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with the sheer amount of content during the week. That’s why we’ve curated the schedule for this year’s SXSW for you. Our CEO, VP of Partnerships, VP of Sales, and yours truly are all headed to SXSW Interactive and we’d love to see you there.

The ways and means that marketers are telling their brand’s story on social is a hot topic this year. We’re excited to see what others are saying and offer our take on the trends & tactics that will have you creating content worth sharing.

Follow along with me on Instagram, as I share the biggest takeaways from the week. Post south by — I’ll be back with a full recap.

Interested in meeting up IRL in Austin? Send us an email to schedule some time.

Otherwise, you can bump into us at these events that are officially inked on our calendars:

Crafting Mobile Video on Facebook & Instagram — March 10th

We know 2018 will be another huge year for the growth of video on social. As Facebook and Instagram continue to roll out new video products, we’ve seen an uptick in video content across many of the campaigns we run on our platform. We’d highly recommend you join us for this talk as video continues to dominate the conversation.

Fountain of Youth: How Brands Can Drink From It — March 10th

This talk is run by the social star Baby Ariel, who built a massive following on the wildly popular lip-syncing Musical.y. We can’t wait to see what she has to say about gaining traction and sustaining audience interest.

How to Create at the Speed of Feed — March 10th

We really love the title and subject of this talk. Our platform is all about creating content at scale, to keep up with the demands of social media. Andrew Keller, Facebook’s Global Creative Director will share tips for mixing new content creation methods with traditional production to keep up with the pace of social. — geez that’s a mouthful.

What Followers Want: How Social Evolves in 2018 — March 10th

Social is a quickly evolving channel. Hear from representatives from social networks, publishers, and brands share how they build content that keeps people coming back.

The New World of Microadventure…Thanks to Tech — March 10th

It’s no secret that we believe technology has an amazing power to connect people and transform their experiences. The Scandinavians have a phrase the “doorstep mile,” meaning that the first mile away from your front door is the hardest of all. Hear from NatGeo Adventurer of the Year and Pinterest on how to discover new ideas, get started and go somewhere you’ve never been.

How to Tell a 6-Second Story: Advertising’s Future — March 11th

Video ads started with a 60 second spot, then 30, then 15 and now… a 6 second video ad? Call it “The Vine Effect”. 6 seconds might seem too short, but we’ve executed 6 second video campaigns and have seen their impact. We’re ready to learn more from this talk about keeping it short.

Audience Engagement: If You Build It, They Will Not Come — March 13th

We’re really interested in helping you maximize the content you produce through our platform. This talk touches on how advertising is no longer enough to capture and engage audience attention. We’ll learn how to ensure content and content narratives add value to your consumers.

Creating a Movement Through User Generated Content — March 13th

As our platform integrates across networks, we want to best educate ourselves on the types of content that work best for each respective platform. This talk touches on the types of user generated content that perform best on the varying networks. We’ll learn how to implement not just one siloed content strategy on a single network, but multiple content strategies across several networks.



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