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The deal with deliverables

by Meaghan Carroll | 7 months ago

When you look at the Deliverables tab of your campaign, you’ll see all the required deliverable type, your upload progress, and the amount of required network posts. What do they all mean?

Photo Deliverables


This is the spot to upload your photo content for your campaign. You can upload all of your photo assets and include any notes for the brand or your proposed caption if applicable. When all the required content is uploaded, the brand will have the opportunity to approve it or provide feedback for an edit request. All content needs to be approved before moving to complete.

Video Deliverables


To upload a video, you’ll follow the same cadence as the photo upload detailed above. Make sure your video file size and type matches the acceptable formats for the Pop Pays platform. We accept videos up to 3GB in several format types, listed here.

Mixed Media Deliverables

Mixed Media

Mixed media is a content type that can be a collection of multiple images and videos. You’ll notice a minimum number of content pieces (files) that are required by the brand for a single mixed media collection, but no maximum limit. Mixed media collection is a place for you to share your proposed content like Instagram stories or Instagram Carousel feed posts for the brand to review. You can upload multiple files, reorder and delete them all within the Mixed Media collection.

Instagram Feed Posts

Instagram Feed Post

As you publish the required content for your gig, our handy bots will check your Instagram account and record them here.

Instagram Story Posts

Instagram Story Post

SThis is where we’ll let you know whether we’ve recorded your Instagram Story post.  As previously mentioned, you must include the necessary hashtag or @ mention for our bots to pick up your post so be sure to recreate your approved post in Instagram Stories upon brand approval.

Posts to Other Networks

Other Networks

We’ve added some additional deliverables so it’s clear what you need to upload to complete for a campaign. For example, you may start to see a Blog post deliverable in addition to an Instagram Feed Post. Simply upload a PDF or screenshot of your post and include a link to your post in the caption section if applicable.



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