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TikTok for the Entertainment Industry

by Monica Makropoulos | 4 months ago

@oliviakayelosoya for Bonnaroo

With over 1 billion users worldwide, TikTok is changing the social landscape whether you like it or not. It’s been awhile since a new social app got big enough, quickly enough, to make everyone turn their heads and pay attention.

If you’re a brand in the entertainment industry and not on TikTok, you’re already missing out. Music and sound are the backbone of creating content on the platform, and any brand who falls within the realm of entertainment should consider this an opportunity to reach new audiences.

In 12 months, TikTok has become massive enough that Mike Caren, CEO of Artist Partner Group, compares it to “the short-form version of YouTube.” “It’s too big alone to be the spark for a song,” Caren says. “Now it’s the wood in the fire.”

Our creative strategists came up with a few ways to execute with influencers on TikTok. Check it out.

Music, music and more music

TikTok is currently the only social platform tracking music use and integrates sound seamlessly within content. Also, the platform allows you to view how a certain sound is performing and the number of videos, and video views associated with that sound.

Idea: Song Releases

TikTok presents itself as a ripe opportunity for brands to release music on the platform and partner with influencers to use that song in their video. We’ve seen this be successful with Old Town Road, Savage, Tootsie Slide and much more. These songs are often associated with dance challenges or duets that make them go viral on the platform.

When running a campaign for a record company, we observed views from one week to two weeks increase 89%, and the average engagement rate after the first week was 19%. That’s huge. – Maddie Simpson, Pop Pays Client Partner

Additionally, often for movie releases, there’s a song associated with the movie trailer or theme of the plot. Tap influencers to create a dance challenge or lip sync a particular lyric in the song so consumers will associate the song with the movie, and get excited about it.

Movie & TV Show Premieres

TikTok has developed an unexpected and interesting relationship with movies and TV. Consumers are using the app to engage with film and TV in many ways–from re-enactments and challenges to opinions and commentary.

@readysetjetset for STARZ

Idea: Act it out

Tap influencers to recreate a recognizable scene from a movie or TV show, especially one that’s in the trailer, or scene that’s particularly memorable. Videos that perform best entice viewers and friends to participate–possibly sparking a duet or just motivating others to try it too. Because users can upload content with pre-recorded sound, it can be easy to recreate scenes from a film or show.

Additionally, for animated movies with colorful characters, there’s a unique opportunity to partner with beauty influencers to re-create a look of a character through makeup, hair or clothing. Think about characters like Elsa from Frozen or Jasmine from Aladdin.

Idea: Reviews

Provide influencers with the opportunity to attend an early movie premiere and release a review of the movie on TikTok. These videos perform best when they’re informational and formatted like a list, for example, “3 reasons why I loved [movie name]” or “3 reasons why you need to see [movie name].” Pair content with music and a branded hashtag associated with the movie.

@the_pacificstandard for Bonnaroo

Idea: Music Festivals

Partner with music enthusiasts to get on-the-ground content at music festivals. With sound as the backbone of all content on TikTok, creators can layer on music from the headliner of the festival or a rising new artist who might not be as well known. The benefit of this content on TikTok vs Instagram Stories is the ability to reach people who don’t follow you, but are likely interested in the content. Through trending hashtags and sounds, brands have the opportunity to reach a wide audience organically.

There’s no silver bullet when it comes to partnering with influencers on TikTok, and right now is the time to test, learn and experiment. Find your partners and continue iterating on content that works – foregoing content that doesn’t. Our team of creative strategists will work with you to develop a plan to execute successfully. Lights, camera, TikTok!

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