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What’s New With Stories

by Meaghan Carroll | 12 months ago

There’s a new story post icon in town. For our creators that made the switch or re-linked on Pop Pays to Instagram Business, you are now able to view the status of an Instagram Stories post. Your status will go from Awaiting (no published content yet) to In Progress (we’ve caught some of your story post, but not every piece of content), to Complete (we’ve seen all of your story posts for the gig).

In order to pull in your stories stats, you need to include the appropriate hashtag or @mention in every stories tap as required in the brief. This hashtag or mention does not need to be front and center in each piece of content, you can get creative by changing the color of the font to blend in the background, hiding it behind an emoji, or making it too small to recognize. One notable caveat is that the multicolored hashtag sticker will not pull in your stories statistics, so be sure to use the typed and underlined #hashtag or @mention in all stories posts as shown in the video below. After your content was approved by the brand, be sure to recreate the story post in Instagram so the #hashtag and/or @mention are clickable for viewers and trackable for us.

Otherwise, it will be business as usual when it comes to uploading your stories content. Here are some best practices to keep in mind when it comes to stories:

The main takeaway for creating effective story content is to keep it simple, direct and to the point. Stories happen fast, so make sure your content is eye catching yet easily digestible.

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