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How Duck Camp edited long-form videos into mobile friendly assets

Duck Camp is focused on the wingshooter and the sportsman who likes to both 'Cast and Blast.' They’re a brand for the modern Outdoorsman, not stuck in the legacy and heritage of old patterns and inferior fabrics. There isn't really a brand for the bird hunter that focuses on premium materials, so they’re filling that void.

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The video content that Popular Pays helped us create has been hugely successful in our Top of Funnel campaigns at Duck Camp. Optimized for Landing Page Views, this campaign saw a dramatic decrease in CPC and helped us fill the top of the funnel at a cheaper rate while still driving high intent traffic. I'd highly recommend this mobile optimized content solution! Thanks to Facebook and Popular Pays for this great new content.
James Elledge, Partner, Sales & Marketing/Duck Camp


Duck Camp wanted to raise brand awareness and drive immediate sales for their Bamboo Sun Shirts and Wingshooter Shirts. Popular Pays was provided long-form video assets to edit into mobile friendly assets.


Duck Camp used the Popular Pays platform to partner with an editor to rework their existing long-form video assets into mobile-optimized video ads in 5 business days.


With Popular Pays mobile-optimized content, Duck Camp saw a 0.8% increase in CTR, a 50% reduction in cost per click, and an 80% reduction in cost per landing page view compared to the brand’s existing creative running at the same time.

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