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A Brand’s Guide to Instagram Guides

Instagram Guides are here to change the game and Popular Pays sees unlimited potential with how brands can harness the new feature to grow their business.

Influencer Marketing Influencer Trends

2021 Influencer Marketing Trends

Take a look at our point of view on 2021 influencer trends written by our Creative Strategist, Kayla […]


A Guide to Getting Started with Twitter Influencers

Twitter influencers are different from other influencers. Learn everything you need to know about working with twitter influencers, how they are different, and how to measure success.

Product Updates

Pop Pays integrates with Shopify to help customers track the effectiveness of their influencer work.

ROI is arguably the most sought after metric to understand in any direct response marketing initiative and also […]

Explore Influencer Marketing

Best practices for influencer marketing and measuring success.

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Pop Profile: Nesrin Danan

The Pop Profile series is a peek into the creative process of some of the most talented people making […]


A Guide to Getting Started with Influencers on TikTok

Not only can our inner circle serve as influencers, but strangers can too. Due to the virality of the TikTok platform itself, TikTok isn’t just about awareness, it can drive meaningful sales. It’s more than just a corner of the web designated for synchronized dances, teens doing funky moonwalks, tap dancing duets, outfit changes, people sharing secret “dupes” of their favorite products, or hacks about the right way to use ice cube trays.

Getting Started with Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing Broken Down: A Guide to Getting Started for Marketers

You can’t think about advertising these days without thinking about influencers. They’re prevalent enough in today’s marketing mix […]

Influencer Marketing

To Negotiate or Not to Negotiate? A Guide to Striking a Deal with Creatives

Marketers often want to know how much it will cost to work with creatives. → A creative is […]


Instagram Tips You Can’t Live Without

The musings of senior creative strategist, Monica Makropoulos. The rise of platforms like TikTok, Triller, Byte and the […]

Startup Stuff

ROI Focused Marketing - for startups and growth brands

Depending on what stage your company is in, you can skip some of the early steps, but we’ll […]

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Every network is different and we know them all.

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A Chat with Client + Creator Brian Cason

Brian Cason is one-of-a-kind in the Popular Pays family. He’s not only a content creator, but also works full-time as a Digital Strategist at Pahnke US, an independent ad agency based in Chicago. Brian has completed over 14 campaigns for Popular Pays in the last five years, and was one of the first creators to sign up for our platform.

Product Updates

Negotiate and Update your Campaign Requirements in Real-time

Things change, we get it. Sometimes campaigns don’t begin and end with the same requirements.  We want to […]

Product Updates

Search over 500,000 TikTok Influencers Today!

TikTok is growing fast.  With over 800 million daily users and climbing, now is the time for your […]

Thought Leadership

Why I Unfollowed Everyone

Your dose of social commentary on social from VP of Marketing & Customers Aana Leech.  This wasn’t my […]


TikTok, Reels, Triller: A Guide to Short Form Video Apps We’re All Hearing About

We’re reeling a bit from the latest industry news… Another short-form video option, Reels? Reeeeally? And also, Triller? On top of TikTok? Everywhere around the world minds are blown.


The Sounds of TikTok

It’s no secret that trending hashtags and sounds are always evolving on TikTok. When partnering with a creator for a branded activation, it’s key to note that brands must consider a strategic and agile approach to audio on TikTok.

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